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…Or I how I spent $64 for one item I went to Michael’s for!

DSC06501 (1024x546)

On Sunday, I made a stop at Michael’s for ONE ITEM I was looking for. Never go to a craft store for one item!  Inevitably, I never find that item and leave with much, much more!  Perhaps, I have no willpower, perhaps the lure of the new and the crafty overwhelms me?  Or perhaps, and this is a real stretch, I have a crafty problem!  Truth be told I cannot remember what I initially needed at the craft store.  I do know that I left without the item I went there for and I also know that I spent $64 on this sparkly new eyelash yarn by Martha Stewart!

I am always on the lookout for sparkly yarns to use in my Kumihimo bracelets.  A bit of sparkle is the make or break of the bracelets!  The sparkly yarn in my area is scarcer then hen’s teeth and I need to see and touch it in order to know if it might be what I am looking for so I prefer not to buy on-line unless it is a brand I am familiar with. 

DSC06503 (1024x735)

But it was so pretty and not too expensive, so I bought one of each color except for the black as it didn’t have enough glitter!  I also have some black glittery eyelash in my stash. 

Martha, when you think of me, if (that is) you do, remember that I have a problem and you profited from it! 

P.S. I love this yarn!

DSC01863 (1024x653)

I think one of the oddest expressions from my youth was “a couple three.”  As in “Bob, how many donuts would you like?”  “Oh I’ll have a couple three!”  It always stopped me in my tracks.  A couple is two and three is well, THREE.  But a couple three?  What the heck is that?  I never knew how many to give them.  If I gave two was that not enough, if I gave three then they might have too many.  I never knew how to proceed.  Do you know what I mean???

I showed you the charms that I received from the 3 charm swaps I participated in.  One with Cloth Paper Scissors and two with the Yahoo Mixed Media Art Friends.  That netted me 14 charms in total.  The first set from the MMAF group I put on a sterling charm bracelet that I thrifted for a $2.  For the second I decided to create a bracelet using my Kumihimo braider.  I picked out various yarns to give it some color, sparkle and texture.  I was very pleased with the result.  I initially tried using a ribbon end for the bracelet, but that was not the look I needed.  I then found some bead end caps on Ebay and decided to try it using those. 

DSC01866 (1024x700) DSC01867 (1024x554)

The braid is a bit stiff so it fits more like a bangle.  I like it that way.  I have a “thing” about jewelry fitting too tight.  Even my watch must be able to move a bit.  I know FREAK! 

I am definitely going to make more of the bracelets.  I threaded the split rings into the bracelet after it was completed.  On the future bracelets, I will incorporate them while braiding.  I will let you know which I prefer.   The braid for the bracelet was created using ribbon yarn, fun fur yarn, and metallic gold yarn. 

Another tip, too!  Did you know that Craig’s List has a category for arts and crafts?  I had been using the yard sale feed for some time, but only recently discovered the arts and crafts posts.  I met a lady today that was selling a lot of yarn from her stash to buy some embroidery supplies (her new passion).  For $20 I got 3 skeins of $14 per skein yarn, several skeins of Italian yarn, cotton yarns, more ribbon yarns.  I came away with over $100 worth of yarns for $20.  Check out your local arts and crafts posts.  You’ll be glad you did. 

A couple of the items that I gave you sneak peeks of have been delivered so I can show them to you.

Here is the Bookmark I made for Katie.  She loves to knit and if you check her blog you will see how serious she is about it.  It was for the Crafty Daisies  Bookmark Swap


I used a bit of yarn and a vintage button to finish it.  I hope you like it, Katie!

I also participated in the Felt Pins Galore swap on Swap-bot.  Nissa, my partner for this one is also a knitter.  You can see her blog is about family.  She is a contributor for Knitty, so be sure to check out her creations on her blog.

I decided her brooch needed to be about home.  In fact it was a home.

nissa’s brooch

The window panes are seed beads and there are also seed beads in the topiaries on either side of the door.  I used a button to make a wreath and tied a floss bow on it.  My friend, Bridget, when I showed her said “I had WAY too much time on my hands!” 

I hope you like it, Nissa.  I had a lot of fun creating it for you!

I embellished a couple of bags yesterday and believe I was on a bit of a leaf kick.  The bags I found at Goodwill while thrifting.  They are washed denim in 3 styles and I bought all 6 they had. 


The piece of fabric is what I made the closure with.  The bag had a large opening, but no closure.  I also used a large green vintage button with it. 

I bought this handmade pin at the Goodwill a few weeks ago and forgot to take a pic for y’all to see.  The background is all cross stitched and then embellished with beads.  The birdhouse is attached to the top of the design and there is a snowflake dangling from his hat.  Don’t you appreciate when others take this kind of time and attention to a project?  I say others as I would not in my lifetime ever attempt this, but do appreciate when someone else does it. 


With the exception of the burgundy/green on the scarf in the center and the burgundy stripes on the left of the scarf it is all beads except for the white background.  I only wish the person would have initialed their work and dated it.

Am I the only person that likes to see dates on needlework? 

Hope your weekend is going well!

When I bought the newest Crafts ‘N Things magazine I was pulled to this project.  Nathan, Christy’s 5 year old son, loved his last Halloween surprise so much that she was able to snap a picture of his love.  When I saw this project I thought how great for his Thanksgiving surprise. 

I improvised on the project since I didn’t have a coffee can or the orange paint.  I did have a vegetable can and some orange felt.  So I present to you, literally, one turkey of a project!


I will fill this container with Nathan’s favorite swap gift…CANDY!  Once again that lady that sends gifts to my mommy will be loved and adored. 

Yesterday, I checked out Ollie’s Bargain Outlet that opened in my area.  It is a much cleaner and neater Big Lots.  Of course, it is new and time will tell.  I found another item for Nathan to send with the swap.  I also got some scrapbook papers, chocolate for me, and candy for Nathan.  If you have one close you might want to check it out.

Lastly, a blog that I frequent, How About Orange posted a pencil cup tutorial using a vegetable can.  So if turkeys are not your thing you can recycle for your desk.

Hope your week started off great! 

It was a good day at the thrifts today!  I got a Scrabble board and tiles for $1!  Lots of assorted ribbons, bias tape, more children’s books, and much more.  I only spent $20 and came home with 5 bags!  The best score is a 1963 hardback Highlights Jumbo Holiday Handbook.  It is chock full of crafts for all holidays.  I did a little dance as all the books were 50 cents for hardcover and 25 cents for softcover.   

Main Image

I completed my bookmark for the Crafty Daisies Bookmark Swap.  I have to finish one item that is going with it and then send it on Monday. 


I will post the entire bookmark when my partner has received it so I don’t ruin the surprise for her.

I also received 2 lovely bookmarks from Lindsay in Australia.  I don’t have an e-mail address for her and don’t know if she has a blog or not.  I will post it later if I find out she does.

This one on the left is made from cancelled Australian stamps.  They are cartoon animals and it is very cute.  The one on the right is made from fabric with spider webs embroidered on it.  I can attest to this being a real skill.  I tried to do this on this Haloween postcard, but didn’t make them look like this.  I eventually gave up and went with what you see there. 

stamp bookmark bookmark

Thanks, Lindsay!  I will contact Crafty Daisies to see if I can get an e-mail and/or blog for you.

And Christy, here is another teaser for you for our Thanksgiving Swap.  Hmmm…, felt, sewing…..what can it be???

christy swap

Hope your weekend is going along well! 

Well, I have one item only to work on today.  To recap, here is my list:

  1. Finish brooches
  2. Coffee cozies
  3. Crocheted flower brooches
  4. Journals
  5. Totes  I decided to not make the totes. 
  6. Button push pins

Here are the crocheted flower brooches all buttoned, pinbacked and ready to go.




All that is left today is to make the journals and go to the bank to get some change (1’s and 5’s).  I need to make the price signs for the items and then stack it all by the front door so I won’t forget anything.  I am so excited now that the work is all done about the craft show. 

Christy asked me to post a pic of the tie scarf on me so that you can see how they sit.  I wouldn’t wear it with the lime green sweater and would wear it with a turtleneck.  

necktie scarf

My friend Brenda and I went to see Dan in Real Life this afternoon.  I would highly recommend this movie to you.  It is not the typical Steve Carell movie.   I thoroughly enjoyed it and left feeling good.  Go and see it soon!

Brenda was the friend I made one of the tree pendants for.  She is a big crafty supporter.  She always wants to know exactly how it was made and what was involved.  She is a great photographer, too.  Sadly, you have to take my word for it as she doesn’t have a flickr page or a blog, but trust me! 

I picked up the newest edition of  Crafts ‘n Things.  There is a true holiday crafty bonanza in this issue!  Go and get it NOW

I also had a hankering to make a stop at the local Goodwill.  Check out the bounty I found there!


The flowered fabric to the left is a pattern stitched on the fabric.  It is lovely.  I liked the little birds with the holly in the middle, the top left is ornament fabric and on the right plaid ruffle trim.  And oh, the country Christmas tree fabric, too.

The highlight of my trip was this cute little apron.  It is way too small for me and most likely for a little girl.  Check out the circus themed Christmas fabric on this one!


It must have been for a special little girl as someone spent a great deal of time on this. 

I hope you have a great weekend!

Here is where I stand at day four:

  1. Finish brooches
  2. Coffee cozies (cut fronts, sew, and sew buttons to close)
  3. Crocheted flower brooches(starchand sew on buttons/pinbacks)
  4. Journals
  5. Totes (May not make them as I am working on another item)
  6. Button push pins

Here are pictures of the WIPs.



Stiffy helps to hold the shape of the flowers which are not all white and orange, but various fall colors and neutrals.  They are sitting on aluminum foil and I like the foil as I can wipe up the drips easily and also reuse it after wiping it down.  I flip the flowers several times through the drying process.  This avoids the little puddles that sometimes attach to them in certain places.  Also, I can use the front or the back of the flower as the mood hits me. 

I also cut out the felt inside of the coffee cozies, 30 in all.  Felt linings help to absorb the heat.  It also makes the cozies a bit thicker.  Anyone who has burnt their fingers holding a cup of hot coffee/tea can appreciate this extra heft. 

felt cozies

Later today I will cut the fronts and start making the journals.  I took a side trip and worked on the buttonhole sewing yesterday.  I may bag the totes (no pun intended) and go with this other item if I get a bit better.  I made 7 yesterday and I really like them.  They meet my favorite craft criteria: fun, funky, and I would buy a bunch.  I will post pics tomorrow as I get better with them.

Here is a recipe that I made yesterday to treat myself for working so hard.  It is from Real Simple, so you know it is both quick and easy.  I love this magazine and get a lot of great ideas from it with every issue. 

Roasted Apple and Walnut Tarts
1 8-ounce sheet frozen puff pastry, thawed
1 Cortland, McIntosh, or Empire apple, cored and cut into 1/2-inch pieces
1/4 cup dark brown sugar
1/2 cup (about 2 ounces) walnuts, chopped
 Whipped cream (optional)

Heat oven to 400° F. Cut the puff pastry into 4 squares. Line 4 rounds of a muffin tin with the squares, allowing the corners to stick out.

In a small bowl, combine the apple, sugar, and walnuts. Fill each pastry square with some of the mixture and bake until the crusts are golden brown, about 25 minutes. Let cool 10 minutes before removing from the tin.

Place one tart on each plate. Serve with the whipped cream, if desired.

Yield: Makes 4 servings

CALORIES 382(57% from fat); FAT 24g (sat 10g); SUGAR 19g; PROTEIN 2g; CHOLESTEROL 40mg; SODIUM 212mg; FIBER 2g; CARBOHYDRATE 42g

I used a Granny Smith apple as that is all that I had and added a quarter cup of craisins to the above.  I didn’t have whipped cream, but it was still YUM-UM-UMMY! 

And to all of my blog readers….

Happy Halloween!

Well, the list is doing the trick.  I am hopeful that by the weekend I can give myself a treat for a job well done and completed. 

Here is another work in progress, the crocheted flower brooches.  I crocheted all of the flowers last night (30).  This afternoon will be spent starching them.  I starch them so they keep that flower shape and you can see the vintage button I will add to the middle without a floppy petal in the way.

Here they are all in a pile.

crocheted flowers

This morning I cut the circles for the button pushpins.  I am making some with non-covered buttons and some with the covered buttons.  I will post that one when it is a bit farther along.

Here is my progress:

  1. Finish brooches
  2. Coffee cozies
  3. Crocheted flower brooches(starch and sew on buttons/pinbacks)
  4. Journals
  5. Totes
  6. Button push pins (make covered buttons and glue to pushpins)

Ah, progress!

Hope your week started well!

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