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The yard sale on Saturday was da bomb!  I advertised that I had clothing for women of a certain size and shoes for the wide feeted among us.  Well they came out, they brought their friends, they told their friends, their friends came, their relatives came and their friends of friends came.  I had a sweet group of early ladies that were telling me how excited they were as “we never see yard sale stuff for women our size!”  I know!!!!  “We never see shoes for people with my feet!”  I know!!!

By 9 in the morning I had already seen over 30 ladies.  They were buying the clothes by the armloads.  All mentioning that they saw the ad on Craig’s List.  They also had their paper grocery bags in tow.  The clothing was priced at $2 for the tops and bottoms, but if you brought a paper grocery bag it was all you could stuff for $12!  Yes, I had THAT MANY clothes to get rid of .  One of my early shoppers was also an organizer for the local Relay for Life yard sales.  I told her to come back at 12 and she could have what was left. 

After the initial rush of ladies I saw 3 other people between 9:30 and 11.  At 11:30 I decided that I had other stuff I could be doing so decided to pack it in.  As I was bagging up the leftovers for the lady to pick up a lady pulled up and said “you are closing it up?”  She asked if she could look at what was left.  I let her then she asked if she could have the remaining bags of clothes for $15.  I was giving it away so took her up on it.  Then another lady drove up to ask about the shoes and if they were all gone.  I said no and let her look.  She picked out several pair and some purses and offered me $20 for them.  I took it. 

When I was done I had two bags left for the Relay for Life.  I made $290 from my yard sale.  It feels good to have my savings built back up a bit!  Also, I was donating 10% of my proceeds to the Alzheimer’s Association so donated $29 to them, also.  A good day.

DSC04355 (1024x676)

I purchased this slightly blah orangey linen jacket at the Goodwill for $3.  I thought it looked a bit blah and thought I would jazz it up a bit. 

DSC04358 (1024x750)

I made more of the twisted flowers.  This time I made them out of a sheer brown fabric with a white stripe and sewed them onto a circle of fabric instead of gluing them.  Then I glued the flowers onto the jacket using Fabric-Tac.  The flowers go all the way around the collar of the jacket.

DSC04357 (1024x768)

I love the way it came out in the end.  It is much nicer and has a bit of the WOW, that it was lacking. 

What do you think? 

I have to tell you about my most excellent weekend.  It started, actually, last weekend with a trip to a local antique mall in the area that I had not been to for a while.  I saw a necklace in a showcase and bought it, but there was also a baggie with 4 bead bracelets for $10.  I was about to move on when I saw Lilly peeking out among the bracelets.  I opened the baggie and pulled out the Lilly bracelet.  It was not remarkable to me, but to a person that loves Lilly it would be bliss. 

I put the bracelet on Ebay and it sold yesterday for $157.37!!!!  Woohoo!!!!!  Why $157.37?  After getting it home and upon closer inspection I found that the bracelet was sterling silver, the Lilly charm sterling silver, the palm tree toggle closure, you guessed it, sterling silver.  The.bracelet.was.sterling!  S C O R E !!!!!

Friday, I hit an indoor yard sale I spied on Craig’s List.  The post mentioned “lots of Vera Bradley bags”.  I hit the yard sale earlier than the posted time about 15 minutes (I never arrive more than that early and am fully prepared to wait if I have to).  The place was a small apartment and it was crammed!  The seller had not even unpacked it all and was not planning to by the looks of the space she had.  In the bedroom, under a pile of stuff I spied a Vera tote bag peeking out.  It was one of the largest totes used for travel.  It was literally CRAMMED with Vera Bradley bags.  I peeked through a bit, but not a lot.  I saw a few price tags so knew a lot of it was new.  I carried the tote around while I looked.  Both the lady holding the sale and the gentleman helping her said you know there are bags inside that tote.  I said I did.  All in all, there were 30 Vera Bradley bags in that tote.  Most looked brand new and a few had the tags to prove it.  I got all 30 for $120!  That works out to about $4 an item.  S C O R E !!!!!!!

The ad also mentioned that there was a large lot of yarn.  I searched and searched, but no yarn.  I finally asked the man helping her where it was.  She came into the room and said she had not put it out as she wanted to keep about 9 balls of yarn out of it and didn’t have the time to go through it.  She let me go into the room it was in alone and look through it.   It was a HUGE bag of yarn.  Like the huge plastic bags they use in the parks for the trash cans.  I found 8 skeins of hand spun yarn that I thought would work for necklace cords.  I held my breath as I asked how much.  She said $5 per skein.  S C O R E !!!!!!

She also had a lot of sewing notions and some jewelry supplies.  Yep, I bought a lot of that, too.  It was a good weekend indeed.  I pinched myself when I woke up the next day and checked around to make sure I didn’t dream it!

I mentioned previously that I was dog sitting this past weekend.  The house is located in the northside of Richmond off of Parham road.  It is a lovely area filled with older families and ranch style homes.  It is a quiet and quaint area.  The yard sales were also pretty good, too. 

Normally, I pick 2-3 yard sales to hit on Saturday based on the descriptions, the area they are located in or just a hunch.  I head out about 7 or 8 and then am back home by 11.  I picked 4 yard sales to hit in the area.  I scored some rhinestone buttons and brooches at one sale. 

DSC01966 (531x1024) At another I scored these.  The are vintage finger puppets in the original box.  I love the wooden heads, the animal faces and the vintage fabrics for their clothes.  Aren’t they great?  I think the donkey might be my fav!

DSC01969 (621x1024)

DSC01970 (1024x553)

I know on Antique’s Roadshow they make a big deal about toys with the original boxes.  So when I find it complete with the box I get excited. 

I also scored two scrabble games (for the tiles).  One set has the natural wood tiles and the other has a burgundy set of tiles.  A couple of 1950’s vintage sewing patterns and a vintage photo found their way home with me, too. 

It was a good weekend.  Tasha, the doggie, thought she would give me quite a scare when I arrived home.  I think I mentioned that she is now deaf.  When I arrive she is normally barking by the back door that I enter and leave through.  When I got there I assumed she was in the back yard doing her “business” as she was not at the door.  I found her lying on the floor a bit into the porch.  I said her name a time or two (yeah, I thought that right after I said it) and nothing.  Then I finally nudged her with my toe and she SPRUNG to life!  For a moment I thought in horror about making the call to my friend that I killed her doggie! 

To be honest, I think I saw Tasha laugh at me as she scurried in front of me into the other room. 

I hit a couple of yard sales Saturday in my area.  Yard sales for me are fun and I get excited over the big score and the little cool finds.  I am a bit like a crow or a magpie in that I tend to gravitate to the shiny objects that sparkle and catch my eye, but I am also drawn to the quirky and different. 

DSC01923 (628x1024)


One of the shinier finds is this sweet handmade felt brooch.  I love the beading on the edges that it is made in two pieces and the sentiment that is written on it in beads.  There is a safety pin sewn onto the back for wearing it. 

Someone spent a lot of time putting this one together and put a lot of handmade love into it.  The stitches on the back are barely visible through the felt. 

I wonder if it was for a Mom or a beloved sister.  What were the circumstances it was made for?  Was it a Mother’s Day present or for a birthday?  Perhaps it was a sentiment made for a loved one or part of an engagement or dating sentiment?

It was 10 cents.


DSC01924 (1024x849) Now onto the quirkier item I found.  This dollhouse stove fascinated me.  It is made from solid wood and painted to simulate a zinc finish with the white with black edging.  The handles are metal and have a darker red paint edging them.  The burners are made using some metal and the tines that hold the pots and pans over the “flames” are bent brads.  I also like the detail on the burner knobs and the oven knob and the cut out section for the griddle. 

It appears from the two lines on the back that there may have been a top section attached that was either broken off or removed.  I would guesstimate this was made in the 1950s by the style of the stove.  Does anyone remember playing with one like this?  The brads make me think it was handmade as a commercial maker would have surely used something else for them.

DSC01925 (1024x708) DSC01926 (1024x880)

I remember when I was little playing with my Barbie dream house.  She had appliances, but they were either made of plastic or were incorporated in the design on the wall and not useable.  I love this kind of attention to detail, but it was long before choking hazards and lead concerns.  It is amazing, at times, that a lot of us lived. 

It was $2. 

DSC01895 (700x1024)I went, on Saturday, to a yard sale in one of the more affluent subdivisions in town.   It advertised vintage jewelry and clothing.  When I arrived I found that the person holding the sale once owned a vintage shop.  I was late as I lollygagged the morning away and then decided as an afterthought to head out to check it out.  Most of the jewelry was already picked over, but I did find a few trinkets. 

One of the baggies I picked up was full of black stone beads in varying shapes and sizes and I spied this cameo pendant in among them.  The lady selling it said that it had been her Grandmothers and that it dated to the 1920’s.  The beads may, but the pendant is a newer one as it is made of plastic.  If it was from the 1920’s it would be made of the same stone as the necklace. 

I bought the beads and thought that I could put them to good use by stringing them into another necklace or bracelet.  Saturday evening I started to check them out a bit more and decided to string them into a necklace and that I was keeping it!  I believe in its previous DSC01894 (787x1024)incarnation that it was a long necklace as it was strung on string and had knots in between and as I laid out the beads in the pattern on the bit that was still together it appeared it would be very long as it only had two strands. 

Since I prefer my necklaces shorter I decided to make a triple strand necklace.  I was short on beads for one of the strands so added some Swarovski crystal beads that I had picked up somewhere.  In the end the new necklace is stunning and I am thrilled with it! 

It is really hard to get the cameo to show up on this one or the crystal beads to really sparkle, but take my word for it, it is STUNNING!  I am wondering if the black beads may be onyx beads.  It may be right for the time period if they are and they are definitely stone as they are very cool to the skin and have some weight to them. 

That is a lot of pretty for $1!


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