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The flickr Altered Dominos and Other Game Pieces group is swapping domino dolls.  The only requirement is that the body (torso) be made using a domino.  You can get the details here

And if you need some inspiration or are just curious what I am talking about you can see some examples here

Mary Poppins I made for the last swap.  The birdie boy was the swap before. 


If you would like to join us leave a message in the group discussion thread.  I hope you join us.  The theme is rebirth and the sign ups end on April 30th. 

DSC05593 (1024x706)I am hosting a Valentine’s Day Charm swap on the Altered Dominos & Other Game Pieces Group.  It was kind of last minute so there are only 3 of us participating.  

I made scrabble tile charms using this idea and adding to it.  I added a bit of glitter to the edges and some paint on the sides.  I also wrapped colored wire around a darning needle, added beads to the end and then glued it down to the top of the pendant with E6000.  It adds a little something, something to the charms. 

DSC05595 (1024x844)

I used tiles for the names of the people in the swap.  One for me, one for T, and one for Jan. 

Once again success with Diamond Glaze!  Woohoo!

What have you been making lately? 

I also participated in a winter or holiday swap.  Here are the charms I received. 

This lovely is from Linda.

DSC05528 (1024x712)

And Heather made two!

DSC05529 (1024x746)

I will post another as soon as I locate it.  It was made by the same person of the ornament I cannot locate.  She mailed them together so there is an envelope somewhere.  Since my back has been hurt some of my organization has fallen by the way side!

You can see the charms I made here

I showed you the angel ornaments I made for a Christmas ornie swap I hosted, but didn’t show you what I received. 

From Linda, this lovely with a great image and a glittered snowflake.

DSC05526 (911x1024)

And from Heather a two-fer. 

DSC05524 (767x1024)

DSC05525 (1024x986)

You can see what I made here.  There is also one more that I have misplaced.  As soon as I find it I will share it with you.

DSC05387 (782x1024)

I hosted a swap on the Flickr Altered Dominos and Other Game Pieces group.  It was an ornament swap.  I went to the Goodwill several weeks back before all the back drama started and found a set of Bendominos.  I had no idea what I was going to make for the ornaments before I saw the bendominos.  Then it hit me!  Angels with the bendominos as wings. 

The rules for the swap was that you had to use at least one game piece in the creation of your ornament.  I used two, the bendomino and a checker to hold the face image.  I painted the checker and the bendomino with gold acrylic paint so it looked angelic.  Then I added some gold stickles to the wing to give it a bit of sparkle.  The face is a vintage image of a child that I thought looked a bit mischievous.  I like kiddies with a bit of spirit.  I used mod podge to adhere the face image and to coat the image on the top before the sealer.  Since the sealer is a bit watery the mod podge keeps the images from smearing. 


I used wire to create the holder and a bit of jazz for the bottom along with a couple of clear beads and gave her a pipe cleaner halo to finish it off.  Then I was on to the packaging for the swap. 

DSC05390 (1024x506)

I found this quote on-line:

“God not only sends special angels into our lives, but sometimes He even sends them back again if we forget to take notes the first time.” ~Eileen Elias Freeman

I found a typewriter font on-line at and thought it looked perfect when placed on typing paper I thrifted.  I cut strips from a brown paper bag and glued the quote onto it.

DSC05391 (1024x778)

I found some orphan patterns at the Goodwill outlet that had lost their packaging and used this to wrap the angels.  I then wrapped the quote around the angel and tied it with some blue string.  I love it when swap partners make the swap items like a present and make it special. 

DSC05386 (1024x743)

I thought I would leave you with a pic of the girls all together.  Aren’t they sweet?

I went to see the spine doc on Tuesday of Thanksgiving week.  He said that I have ruptured a vertebrae in my back.  Thankfully, it is one of the lower ones and has some room to swell without affecting the others.  He says since I was 50% better than my initial visit, I should be able to heal.  It will likely take 5-6 weeks to do so. 

So my posting might be a bit sporadic for a while.  I have not been able to craft for a while, but do find little bits of time to play.  As I have something to show I will post.  So please bear with me as it might be choppy until the first of the year.  I go back to work full-time starting tomorrow.  So I will likely be very tired when I get home as I have not worked full-time since November 4th. 

DSC05260 (1024x580) While I was laid up I did find some time to work on my charms for the Flickr Altered Dominos & Other Game Pieces group swap of Christmas or Winter charms. 

DSC05259 (1024x676)

I used scrapbook paper for the background and used my little snowflake punch and some holographic paper to punch out a snowflake.  I glues down the snowflake and then put diamond glaze on top.  I added a few sprinkles or iridescent glitter to the diamond glaze for a bit of extra sparkle.  I then painted the tile blue on the sides and back and added an eye hook for the bale.  The letters got filled in so I took my Sharpie and colored them back in. 

I was so happy that the diamond glaze behaved this time.  Normally, when I use it I have about 30% that don’t play right.  This time all seven that I made worked!  Woohoo! 

DSC05262 (918x1024)

I made a Christmas card to go with them featuring an image of Cindy Lou Who from the Grinch story.  I then bagged the charms in grey drawstring bags and added a snowflake to the ribbon. 

A few of the ladies have received them and they have won raves!  That is the best praise of all for me!  That others like them!

DSC05260 (1024x581)

They say this year will be a little light on the snow for us.  I am not complaining at all!  We got creamed last year, so less is more is my motto for this year! 

The Oz tags arrived last week from Karla’s swap.  I love the tag book she created for me. 

DSC05145 (630x1024)

Once again, Karla made the covers.

DSC05146 (767x1024)

Glinda was created by Janet

DSC05147 (1024x765)

The basket with the scarecrow and the flying monkey was made by Samantha Miranda. 

DSC05148 (745x1024)

This cute tag was made by Becky

DSC05149 (723x1024)

This vintage lovely was made by Linda

DSC05150 (641x1024)

This tag printed on fabric was made by Evelyn.

DSC05151 (671x1024)

A trip to the Emerald City was by Debra

DSC05152 (668x1024)

I added one of my tags to the book.  I remembered this time! 

DSC05109 (1024x829)

I have received more charms from the Flickr Altered Dominos & Other Game Pieces charm swap.  I believe with this batch it leaves 2 more to arrive. 


This sweet little home charm using a Monopoly house was made by Linda Freeman.  I love the mica home tag and the bit of lace.  So sweet! 




DSC05110 (871x1024)




This altered scrabble tile charm was made by Eda.  She lives in Louisiana so the fleur de lis is big there.  I also love the added grace charm.






DSC05111 (744x1024)




Last is the chubby checker made by Nina.  I love the checker body, the beaded body parts and the little scarf tied around its neck. So great! 






I have plans to make a Kumihimo cord to hang the charms on.  I am waiting until I have all of them to pick the yarn colors to use.  Stay tuned!

It was about an avid crocheter or knitter that would leave a mesh bag outside in the spring with bits of yarn in all colors and types.  As the birds were gathering bits to build their nests they would grab a string or two and use it in their nests.  There was one birdie in particular that used several bits of the yarn for its nest and had quite a colorful place to lay her eggs and grow her babies. 

I remember thinking what a cool idea that was.  Have I ever done it?  No, but the spirit is there.  LOL!  I found this post on a crochet blog that talks about it.  Birds, especially in cities, have limited nest building materials and get “creative” in their materials.  So a bit of yarn might be just the thing.  And how cool to see a nest in your tree and see a bit of your yarn hanging from it?

DSC05101 (1024x882) DSC05102 (1024x921)

After I found this sweet little birdie image it got me thinking?  I used it to make the charms for the Flickr Altered Dominos and Other Game Pieces Group charm swap.  I adhered the image onto a mini domino using mod podge with a layer of Diamond Glazer on top.  The domino was first painted with acrylic glitter paint to give it some sparkle and a bit of bling.  I sealed the paint and the image with a few layers of polycrylic as nothing gets on my nerves more than loose glitter!!  I added a couple of pieces of yarn to the jump rings to keep my nesting thoughts alive. 

I actually remembered this time to make one for myself.  Imagine that.  I recounted and there are 9 in the group and with my charm that makes 10 for the bracelet.  I am thinking I will make a kumihimo cord for the bracelet.  That would be cool!

What have you done for the birdies lately? 

I am busy working on 11 charms for a charm swap for the Flickr Altered Dominos and Other Game Pieces group.  So while I am finishing up on the charms I am making, I will show you three of the charms I have received so far.

Mary Ann McKeating of Follow Your Bliss Designs, made this wonderful cupcake charm using a bingo marker and fimo clay.  She says it is her first time using fimo clay to make the cupcake, but I think she has some sculpting in her background. 

DSC05090 (1024x768)

Jan Freeman made this awesome charm using a shoe from a Monopoly game, some rock crystals, and other charms.  It is really pretty!

DSC05091 (1024x799)  

And Heather Alexander (HA! Designs) made this cute little birdhouse charm using dominos that she cut in half and a roof.  I love the game card she tied it onto. 

DSC05089 (716x1024)

I hope to have mine ready to show you tomorrow and then have them in the mail by the end of the week to the other swap participants.  We shall see how that goes!

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