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Every so often you have one of those weekends.  The kind that are packed with things to do.  You have deliveries on Friday, you have a birthday party for your niece on Saturday and on Sunday…Sunday you crash and burn!

I had some crafty plans for Sunday, but then I decided to take a little nap.  I lay down for a bit and next thing I knew it was 4 HOURS later and my day was gone.  So I bagged the plans and decided to take it easy for the remainder of the day. 

Bet you are wondering how I slept last night.  Like a baby until this morning! 

scan0004 (1024x653)

but it is kind of hazy and involves Nyquil shots with a Robitussin chaser!

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lived the Smith’s.  They had a ramshackle house with lots of animals scurrying about.  The chickens and sheep occasionally ran through the house on the way to the barn.  On the old weathered tree in the front yard was a swing made from a found bit of rope and some scrap wood.  Dad threatened several times to use it for heat in the winter, but true to his children’s protests he kept the swing there. 

The children walked several miles to school each day.  It was especially hard for little Betty as she was so small that every mile seemed like three.  She made it there every day and was rewarded with straight A’s on her report card.  Her big brother, Bobby, and her big sister, Elsie, tormented her sometimes as brothers and sisters tend to do.  She loved them still and looked up to them as a little sister should. 

Elsie sometimes jumped into battles that involved Betty as did Bobby.  They made the other children leave her alone and watched over and protected her. 

Their clothes were not the best, but their Mother kept them clean and mended.  They were able to dress in their best outfits on Sunday.  That was the day that the photographer from the big city came to town.  He posed them in the house and made them sit very still for what seemed like an eternity.  When he was finished and the photo came in the mail they marveled at the end result.  They had only seen themselves in a mirror previously, but that was only for a few minutes.  Now they had a look for all posterity. 

Their house was not filled with much money, but it was filled with a lot of love.  They were truly a family in every sense of the word as they worked together and they made their money by the sweat of their brows and the blisters on their hands.  Some might say they were poor, but they felt like the richest children on the earth as their Father and Mother made sure they knew they were loved. 

Today’s story brought to you by Nyquil and another thrifted photo. 

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there lived two sisters, Prudence and Patience.  They were the daughters of the wealthy store owner and always wore their Sunday best dresses.  Their hair was pulled back with the largest bows that their Mother could make.  They were lovely girls and true to the names they were both prudent and patient girls. 

Everyone wanted to know them and their birthday parties were events that all the children in town begged to attend.  Their father would open up his penny candy cabinet and allow the children to choose several of the treats for themselves.  Prudence and Patience always waited their turns as their friends picked first.

The cake was baked by the local baker and decorated with the loveliest flowers and trinkets.  The town’s children thought it was heaven on a plate.  The town’s children knew not to ask for a second slice of cake as the father took the leftovers to the local children’s orphanage to share with the less fortunate children. 

Prudence and Patience went to school and then married the local blacksmith and the local banker.  You know the rest of the story…

…and they lived happily ever after! 

This story brought to you by a thrifted picture and Robitussin! 

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