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DSC02880 (769x1024) Sherry received a set of goth girl rubber stamps for Christmas and set about playing with some altered dominos.  I saw them and asked her if she would be interested in a 1:1 swap with me. 

She asked me to create a domino for her with the theme of dressmaking for her craft room.  Using the collage image group’s images, I found the appropriate picture.  It reminded me of my Mom teaching me to sew on her old Singer treadle sewing machine.  I would seesaw a metal footplate back and forth and use it to sew clothes for my Barbie. 

The domino was created by first painting it a soft pink color since it would show through.  I then used Mod Podge to layer on the pattern pieces and phrases from the pattern onto the domino and to adhere the front image to the domino. 

I then added the buttons and stickles for the glitter on the front.  To the back I added bits of thread, a vintage sewing label, letters on a string that spell sew and more stickles.  There 

DSC02881 (769x1024)

is an eye threaded into the top of the domino for the hanger.  Ribbon with ric rack glued to it is used for the hanger.  you cannot see it in the picture, but I connected the ribbons with a tiny safety pin. 

DSC02882 (768x1024)

I hope Sherry likes the domino she will receive for my trade.  I think I held fast to her theme and am pleased with the way it came out. 

DSC02877 (531x1024)The January ATC theme for the Fantastic Flat Paper Dolls Yahoo group is Queen of Hearts.  For the challenge you have to create a paper doll on an ATC.  There is some leeway with this as it can be an ATC where parts are jointed.  I decided to make an entire paper doll that folds up to ATC size. 

It took me better part of the day Sunday, but I did it.  The face is Helena Bonham Carter’s from Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland which I found on the web and the feet are Reese Witherspoon’s that I found in a magazine.   The remainder is made from scrapbook paper, heart confetti, and bits of lace.  Her background is an old bingo card that I cut to ATC size stamped and embossed and then inked on the edges. 

Can you hear her decreeing to Alice:

“Off with your head!” 

DSC02836 (735x1024) This month’s theme on the Yahoo Fantastic Flat Paper Doll group’s swap is Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland.  I knew immediately I was going to create my favorite character, the White Rabbit.  I always loved how he scurried around saying he was late for a very important date while staring at his pocket watch. 

For the rabbit template I used a familiar template for me.  It is by Valerie Brincheck

The rabbit is made using white cardstock on which I stamped using a light pink ink and my alphabet stamp.  I fashioned his topcoat using some basic grey scrapbook paper.  His coat button is a vintage metal thistle button, his watch fob is a plastic leaf and a bit of chain is to hold his pocket watch which I printed from an image I found on-line.  A bit of burgundy ink outlines the bunny and a white chalk pen outlines his topcoat. 

DSC02835 (739x1024)

I am pleased with the way he came out.  I hope when my partner is selected (the 15th, hence the not late for the important date title) that she likes it, too. 

Who was your favorite character in Alice in Wonderland

DSC02744 (615x1024) There is a nursery rhyme that talks about a dish running away with a spoon and a cow jumping over the moon, but in the case of this spoon it is staying right here with me!

I bought the spoon at my local Goodwill thinking it might be sterling silver.  After some research, I found it was silver plate.  As I had set it aside to return it to the Goodwill I looked at it one day and thought it would make a great altered doll. 

I used wire to make the arms and legs and covered it with brown twine to make it match the spoon’s tarnished color better.  To the bowl of the spoon I added an image that I rubber stamped onto a sewing pattern and then used mod podge to adhere it to the spoon.  I like how it looks like I stamped it directly onto the spoon and fades into the spoon. 

DSC02743 (622x1024)

Her dress is made using scrapbook paper that I glued together to sandwich the spoon inside.  I added bits of lace to the bottom, the sleeves, and gathered it a bit for the collar.  I made a lace apron and finished it off with a button to add a bit more jazz. 

I really like how she came out and plan to make some more as I find other interesting silverware pieces.  What do you think?

angelThis month’s Art & Soul challenge was to create an angel using Sherry’s template.  This is the lovely lady I received from Rustycage.  I have one other in transit and will share her as soon as she arrives. 


DSC02571 (833x1024) It IS getting to that time of year again, and Friday of this week starts its shopping season.  Christmas is almost here.  Seems like only yesterday it was Halloween!  LOL, the year has flown by and what have I to show for it?  A year of arts and crafts. 

The MAD and GAS MAMMA groups have combined for a time into a new group Art & Soul.  Some of the members have stepped forward to create group challenges and this one was brought to the group by Sherry.  She created these lovely angels.  They are quite easy to make so I made two. 

DSC02572 (841x1024)

It feels great to have my scissors, papers, lace bits and templates in my hands again.  With the dog watching stint and the cold I caught after it seems like forever.  I have really missed it.  This was the perfect project to get my feet wet and my fingertips glued again. 

P.S. Did you notice the new banner?  What do you think of it? 

swapcard It was last month’s theme for the Yahoo Fantastic Flat Paper doll group’s swap.  I received this excellent ATC from Jennifer Conaway.  I love this card.  I love her background, the lady image and her glittery black pointy hat.  It is a great card.  


Isn’t she fabulous!


DSC02425 (728x1024) I loved the movie Mary Poppins when I was a little girl.  I loved the fun they had and the songs Julie Andrews sang.  How sad that her magnificent voice has been silenced!

The Altered Dominos & Other Altered Game Pieces group is having a Domino Doll Swap.  My recipient is Heather of Art By Heather.    So I had to work really hard to create something really special for her. 

I have really had Mary Poppins on the brain lately.  Not sure what made her pop in (lol, pun intended), but she has been in there for several weeks now.  The domino doll gave me the opportunity to create something using her. 

I am thrilled with how she came out!  The hat was a last minute addition.  The face pic I was using had a hat, but the checker I was affixing it to was not large enough for it.  It needed something more, so I used some black cardstock to make the brim which fit perfectly over the hat bit on the image.  I added a pink flower to complete the hat and to anchor the brim on. 

I added a cord held on with a button so that she would always be flying.  I loved it when Mary flew.  She will be flying off to Heather and she may have just arrived when this posts. 

DSC02413 (546x1024) The MAD MAMMA challenge this month was to create a ribbon doll.  The pattern that we were given resembles a button fairy instead using ribbons for the tail instead of buttons.  I saw a template for a goddess doll on The Enchanted Gallery’s site and thought that was my ribbon doll. 

The background is scrapbook paper that I added some rubber stamping to.  The face is created using sculpey clay that I painted and then inked.  Ribbons are attached to finish the doll. 

DSC02412 (669x1024)

DSC02414 (768x1024) flut·ter (fltr) v. flut·tered, flut·ter·ing, flut·ters

1. To wave or flap rapidly in an irregular manner: curtains that fluttered in the breeze.

2. To fly by a quick light flapping of the wings.

This week’s MAMMA challenge was to stamp using things from around the house.  The background is scrapbook paper that I used a flower shaped button to stamp with to add to the background.  You can see it in the green ink on the card. 

It is finished off with words from a magazine and from a page in a Swedish/English translation dictionary.  The main butterfly is a sticker and the others were created using a rubber stamp.

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