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Thank God I am tall for a woman (5 ft 10 1/2 inches).  If I was shorter I would not be able to walk and would resemble a very large Hoppity Hop bouncing ball.  I have always been heavy as far back as I can remember.  I was never the skinny girl, the model size, the thin one. 

As I have gone through the years it has piled on and brought several of its friends.  So this year I am putting it out there and asking all of you to hold me accountable.  This is not a resolution, but is a promise I am making to myself. 

Every other week I will post on Monday about my progress and how I am doing.  I will post recipes that I find that I like along the way and will keep you abreast of my progress.  I am determined to get to a healthy weight.  If you want to join me, let me know and we can do it together.  Perhaps we can have a bloggy biggest loser. 

So wish me luck! 


NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday, I was offered and accepted a new job!  I start on July 6th!  I cannot wait!

No more morning coffee breaks with Regis and Kelly.

No more water cooler conversations with the View ladies.

No more lunch meetings with George Lopez.

No more hanging out in shorts and sweats all day.

No more avoiding the morning commute.

In a week it will all be over and I will start working! 


I am so excited!  Let the party begin!!!!!!!!!!!


I am already dancing! 

I got home from dog sitting for 1/2 of last week and I am beyond exhausted.  I was not prepared for the 4:30 and 5 a.m. potty wake ups.  I am a fairly light sleeper so was up whenever she was stirring about.  She took it easy on me this morning and slept on the porch after I let her out and I got to go back to sleep for a solid 3 hours until 7:30.  Yep, the wake up call this morning was at 4:30!  All in all, I loved spending time with Tasha!  She is a great doggie!

I had a 3 hour nap this afternoon and will go to bed early tonight.  I plan to sleep in tomorrow.  All of my hold mail will be delivered tomorrow so I am sure it will be chocked full of goodies.  I also hit a few yard sales on Saturday and have some goodies to share.  I love yard sales!  Nothing beats goodies for 50 cents or less! 

I found some treasures…

Slow Down

When it comes to putting a cap on gas guzzling, how you drive is almost as important as what you drive. “Fuel economy suffers at speeds higher than 60 and drops like a stone above 70,” says Chris Grundler of the National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Adds Richard Beard, an associate professor at Utah State University who researches fuel efficiency, “Slowing from 70 to 55 can increase your miles per gallon by 15 percent.” Putting the brakes on “jackrabbit starts” (stomping on the gas after a red light) cuts use by 25 percent, says Grundler, and cruise control also saves fuel. Limit use of gas-chugging air conditioners and defrosters, and unload extra junk, since “you lose one mile per gallon or more for each 300 pounds,” notes Beard. Avoid idling, he advises: “One minute of idle is almost equal to starting the car.” Finally, leave the car lot with the best gas hoarder by consulting before you buy.


In the Garage

Inflate those tires. Soft tires slow you down and can cut gas mileage by 10 percent or more, according to the tire-sales and research website Follow the inflation instructions in your owner’s manual or on the decal at the inside edge of the driver’s door. Ignore the numbers on the tire sidewall, as they are more general and not specific to your make of car. Aim to check your tire pressure once a week — at least once a month is crucial. Keeping tires properly inflated will also help you avoid rollover and other tire-related accidents.
Maintain the engine. A reduced air supply or a sluggish ignition can cut into mileage. Change the air filter twice a year and the spark plugs every 50,000 miles. When you change the oil every 6,000 to 7,500 miles, have the mechanic check your cooling system, too. Even cars with computer-controlled engines, which need fewer tune-ups, require these chores.
Take a load off. Extra weight in the car can hurt mileage. Reduce the clutter in your trunk by removing tools, golf clubs, and other weighty and hardly used items.

On the Road

Drive the thriftier car. If your family owns both a sport utility and a sedan, get into the habit of taking the smaller vehicle whenever you can. By driving the Toyota Camry instead of the Ford Expedition to the mall, you are saving about nine miles per gallon in suburban driving. After 20 10-mile trips, you’ll have saved about $11.
Steer away from rush hours. Idling in bumper-to-bumper traffic uses precious gas unnecessarily, and it pollutes more, too. Don’t waste time in lines at the fast-food drive-through; go inside for your Extra Value Meal — and get extra value from your gas.

Before a Road Trip

To calculate what you can expect to spend on gas for a weekend getaway, go to AAA’s, then type in your starting city, destination, and vehicle make, model, and year. Staying put? Go to, which will help you find the cheapest gas in your area. Driving those extra few miles to fill up might be well worth it.

Time Your Purchases

At any time, the price of a gallon of gas can vary by as much as 20 cents within a metropolitan area, says Brad Proctor, founder of GasPriceWatch, a consumer-advocacy website. To get the best bargain, avoid buying gas on weekends, when most people travel or run errands and gas stations raise prices accordingly. (Tip: Plan to take care of errands all at once instead of making extra trips.) Also, stay away from stations on toll highways, which charge high prices to their captive customers. If you can stick to pumping once a week, says Proctor, you can often find the best prices on Tuesdays.

Consider a Hybrid

For a real gas saver, consider the Toyota Prius, a hybrid gas-and-electric sedan that gets about 55 miles a gallon, and feels like a car, not a golf cart. The competing two-seat Honda Insight gets more than 60 miles per gallon. “I wave at the people lined up for gas,” says Dan Becker, energy and global-warming director of the Sierra Club who drives a Prius, “and keep right on going.”



In the mail yesterday was  Home Companion magazine.  This is, by far, the best bundle of inspiration that I have received in a long time.  From the article about Heather Bailey’s daughter’s party to Fly Away Home, from Helen Ige’s  bird and branch mobile to the picture Mary created for this magazine’s issue (which is a departure from the pictures she normally creates, but Mary I LOVE IT!).  It is crafty eye candy overload! 

There are so many projects and ideas and patterns for free.  It is more than I can stand and my mind is all a buzz with what to make first. 

If you signed up for the swap I posted about yesterday, you cannot say you don’t have a plethora of inspiration!  RUN, don’t walk to your local store and buy a copy!  While you are there, buy your crafty friend one, too!  You won’t be disappointed. 

As to my weekend…I have projects!  :O)  Take a few moments and relax with my Mary!  You will be glad that you did. 

Well, it finally happened after 6 months and 3 days (but who’s counting)!  I have been on many interviews, had a myriad of phone screens to see if I was interview worthy and now, finally I have a new opportunity.  I have been hired for a temporary assignment of 2-3 months with the possibility of permanency.  It is with a non-profit company located in the Richmond metro area.  I will be recruiting for them.  Today and tomorrow are my orientation sessions and we shall see where I go from there. 

I am excited to finally be waking at pre-dawn and getting ready for WORK.  It has been such a long time I will have to reestablish my morning routines.  It will be funny making the commute to work.  Blessedly, this one is against the normal traffic flow.  In previous positions, I have commuted to the dreaded far west end of Richmond (Innsbrook) and up through the center of Richmond to the near west end.  This trip will be east of Richmond across the Pocahontas Parkway.  I timed it on Friday and it is 30 minutes.  I like 30 minute commuting.  Just long enough to drive as I listen to the morning show on Lite98 and drink my travel mug of tea. 

Wish me luck (the permanent kind of luck, that is)!

Now on to the weekend’s mail….

A couple more goodies from Etsy sellers to show you.  I used their pictures as they were better shots and the weather today is beyond dreary. 

First, from Paperfish’s Etsy shop I purchased these 2 birdie buttons.

Birdy Button / PinFly Away Home

Photos courtesy of Paperfish.

Next up is this lovely and simple ring from Nora McNamara’s Etsy shop.

sz 9 Silver CREATE Ring

Photo courtesy of Nora McNamara Jewelry.

She has them with various words on them: breathe, faith, dream, teach, etc.  Get several and stack them up! 

Lastly, Miss Sandy, of Quill Cottage gave me this award and she wrote this lovely blurb about me:

I found Cindy while searching for crafty blogs and hers certainly fits the bill. Cindy has the most wonderful sense of humor and we shoot off one liner’s to each other via email and she cracks me up! I usually pop in her every day and she always has something interesting or quirky and especially crafty to share. We found out that we are the same age so we have a lot of shared growing up memories of times and such. This lady has a very big heart and I have declared her to be craft queen!

Since I started my blog in August, I have met some of the most wonderful people and although we may never cross paths, thanks to this lovely world of blog we are friends.  I look forward every day to reading what they are up to, they encourage me, cheer me, and make creating fun. 

Now I get to pass this on to 10 other people!  The “You Make My Day” Bloggie award rules are as follows, the recipient of the award will pass it on to 10 recipients of their choice, you may receive this award more than once, and you must list your 10 recipients, say why you are choosing them and link to their blog.

  1. Heidi of Everyday Cookies.  If Santa had elves living among us, Heidi would certainly be my choice.  She is ever the optimist, loves her family, creates the most lovely things and has been my biggest cheerleader!
  2. MaryAnn of A Very Mary.  She is so funny and the most thoughtful blogger I have met.  I won a giveaway on her blog after I realized she lived in Marietta, OH.  I used to live there and she was nice enough to reminisce with me on the place and let me know what it is up to.  Sadly, she had to let me know the BEST local bakery and my favorite stop on the after imbibing donut runs closed.  May the donut holes rest in peace.  Man, they were the greatest EVER!  Oh, right this is about MaryAnn…She has since sent me an uglie for a 1:1 swap, a thank you note for the pendant I sent her for the same, and a Valentine’s Day card.  I feel like a bit of a slacker on the reciprocity.  She finds the coolest stuff and makes the greatest things. 
  3. Vallen of Queenly Things.  I believe she must have her computer with her 24/7 and it must wake her so she can reply to messages.  She makes awesome things, freely shares her techniques and is the person that taught me to occasionally use songs for the blog posts.  Who better to learn from than royalty?
  4. Kiva of Southern Girl Musings.  Kiva is a mom and a homeschooler and shares the events in her kiddies lives.  She teaches all of us how to make things and shares the addiction I taught her Swap-bot swapping.  She is a great lady and the proud wearer of one of my necktie scarves that I made for her.
  5. Suzy of Georgia Peachez.  She makes the coolest things out of her flea market finds, shares the latest and greatest tips and techniques (thanks for Windows Live Writer!).  Go and check out what she is making today. 
  6. Christy of Mama Said Sew.  I met Christy through Sweet Goodness and have made a new friend.  Oh yeah, her son LOVES me.  Maybe it is the candy, but I think it is me! :O)  Christy makes Morsbags and gives them away, sews for needy families and loves being Nathan’s mommy.  Not a bad combo. 
  7. Randall and James of Torman Products.  They have been great partners, listeners and friends on my crafty journey.  It is great to have artistic friends locally that you can meet with, share with and enjoy talking about the latest creations.  They have been kind of busy lately with some other things and the blog has been a bit slow lately, but stop by leave a comment and encourage them back into the light! 
  8. Sue of Perpetual Plum.  She makes the most divine creations from ordinary objects.  She helped me to perfect my domino technique and is enticing me to try embossing powders.  Go to her blog and check out her latest creations. 
  9. Barb of Woof Nanny.  She creates posts with the best info, tips and techniques.  She was my partner for the last Sweet Goodness swap.  Her blog is where I learned to love making necktie crafts. 
  10. Jess from How About Orange.  She gives the best tips, techniques, and crafty ideas.  She also recently launched a fabric line that is available on JCaroline

Whew, that was a lot huh?  Not used to me being that verbose, are you? 

Hope your week is starting well!

This really disgusts me. I read that she was charged with a felony punishable by 5 years in prison for abuse of a handicapped person.

huge news

On Richmond newsstands now!

Photo from Richmond Magazine

I got a call just before Thanksgiving from Ashely Nichols, who is the Style Editor for the magazine.  She wanted to feature some of my items in the January issue.  (Someone pinch me HARD as I think I am dreaming!)  I brought some items to their office just before Thanksgiving for photographs. 

Ashley called back to let me know that they were featuring my cup cozies and that I had to keep a lid on it until the issue came out.  Well, it is on the stands and I am blowing the lid off of the pot!

richmag article
I will now go and party like it’s 1999 celebrate! You have a great one that is filled with awesome surprises, too!

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