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About four years ago I finished this tote.  I knit it with over $100 worth of yarn!  The yarn was free as I purchased it with a gift card I received from work for a contest.  I loved the Noro yarns, but couldn’t afford them. so I bought several colors and knit it with two yarns at the same time to create the heathered look to the tote. 

I literally started this tote and then ripped it out four times as I twisted the yarn when I connected it at the very first row (FOUR TIMES!).  The first time, I was about 2/3rd into it when I asked a friend that knits more than I to find out I had to tear it out and start again.  The second, third and fourth times, I caught it a bit sooner each time. 

Finally, I finished it and then started the felting process.  I washed it and felted it about three times and it ended up the size of a large travel tote.  It was about three times the width and about another 1/2 on the length.  I was so disappointed as I could only use it as a travel tote.  I put it in my closet and forgot about it. 

At a craft show a few years back, I met a lady that knitted and felted a lot.  She told me that sometimes the yarn needs to rest.  She encouraged me to try it again after it had rested.  I didn’t.  A couple of years went by and I read on this blog about a bag she made that didn’t felt well.  I encourage her to try felting it again per my yarn lady’s instructions.  Not sure how her turned out.

I was dog sitting at my little brother’s this past weekend and decided to try it again since I had a lot of time.  I washed it and it felted to the exact size I wanted it.  The felt is to thick and lovely and I am thrilled!

So finally after four years, I have my felted tote!  Woohoo!  I guess all good things are worth waiting for!

DSC02740 (1024x767)

I blogged about the scarf that I knitted while I was dog sitting and snowed in a couple weekends ago.  I mentioned that I thought it might need some felt flowers and two ladies agreed with me.  It was almost like they were reading my mind as the ideas they had were the same as mine. 

This weekend I had some time and decided to finish it.  I dug into my felted wool sweater stash to find some green and blue.  Then I dug into my button stash to find green and blue buttons for the centers.  I cut the wool in strips then gathered them to make the flowers I then used craft cord to sew them onto the blooms and the scarf.  It hid very well among the yarn. 


DSC02741 (1024x768)   DSC02742 (1024x783)

Now it feel like it is finished!  Don’t you agree?  I love the mismatched buttons.  How about you?

DSC02731 (1024x768) You most likely have heard about the Nor’easter that stormed up the East Coast Friday and Saturday.  It was a massive storm with most of the areas seeing over 9” of snow.  It snowed steadily from Friday about 4 p.m. until 11 p.m. on Saturday night.  There was a bit of a break in between, but it piled up! 

Since I was dog sitting for the weekend and pretty much housebound for the weekend, I decided to get some yarn on my way from the Goodwill to their house.  I had found some needles at the Goodwill for $1.25 so I only needed the yarn. 

I found a large ball of a chunky variegated yarn and added some variegated fun fur to the mix.  I like how it came out in the end, but think it needs a bit more to make it complete.  So while I decide it will sit on my dresser.

DSC02729 (1024x768) DSC02730 (1024x767)

DSC02732 (1024x851)

I am leaning toward some felt flowers, but not completely sure of that. 

What do you think?

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