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DSC07650 (1024x727)

It has been a while, hasn’t it?  I made a couple of these bracelets this past weekend.  The other one has to be redone as it is a bit too loose. 

This is one that I purchased and then decided to cut off the 2nd leather loop.  Well, I inadvertently cut off both loops.  I watched a video on Youtube by Auntie’s Beads and then had at it. 

I love the way it came out even though I redid it about 4-5 times before I called it done.  I love the beads on this one.  They are German Glass beads and I like how they looks grungy!

What have you made lately?

I was out thrifting a while back and came across the ugliest bangle I think I have ever seen.  It was made from Sculpey and had a Bible verse stamped into it.  Now, I have nothing at all to say about the Bible and its verses, but take my word for it this was a U G L Y bangle!

DSC07509 (1024x1009)I then had the brainstorm to cover it with some book pages.  I tore the pages into strips and then adhered them with Mod Podge. 

I covered the entire bangle and then coated the top with another coat or two of Mod Podge.  Then I let it sit for a week or two while I decided what else.  I thought buttons…No!  Vintage jewelry bits? 

Sunday I stopped into the Midlothian Antique mall and bought a baggie of vintage shoe clips in various stages of need and dug out the perfect complement to complete my bangle. 

DSC07510 (1024x722)

Do you agree?  it has a bit of tarnish, some serious rhinestone action and it hangs just a bit over the sides.  I kine of wish there was a second in the baggie, but there was not.  I think that the single accent is just the ticket.

What do you think? 

Have you made anything with jewelry bits lately?

I have been tearing and braiding strips of fabric lately.  I have also been checking out Pinterest, Flickr and Google Image Finder for inspiration.  I have some thoughts percolating, but time will tell. 

I mentioned last week about my new stamps from Studio Mo on Etsy.  Over the weekend I played a bit with them and fashioned some pendants.

DSC07041 (1024x847)

DSC07043 (608x651)I stamped the images on a background of my favorite Basic Grey scrapbook papers and then added typewritten synonyms for home and house.  I downloaded a free typewriter font here

I love the bright and happy colors.  I also love the primitive feel of the stamps. 



DSC06913 (852x1024)I have had spools on the brain lately.  For several months, I have been collecting wooden spools to use in jewelry makings, but until this past weekend, I had not done anything with them.

I took a vintage spool with some lovely wood coloring and Mod Podged layers of pattern pieces to it. 

I tried to pick the pieces with text and sewing instructions on them.  Then I added a vintage pic of a Victorian lady that I printed onto typewriter paper.  The first one smeared terribly, so I slowly built up the layers on the DSC06912 (937x1024)second pic. 

I like how the pic is a bit distressed which kind of fits the spool and the “feel” of the design.  I also used Mod Podge to glue town the ric rac.  The ric rac I used is from an estate sale that had some water damage to it so tea stained it a bit. 

On the top of the spool, I affixed a tissue sheet that I stamped using a Tim Holtz stamp.  As I was coating the stamped image it smeared, so I wiped it off and then re-stamped it onto the top of the spool.  I also stamped it on the bottom of DSC06914 (1024x888)the spool. 

I am now thinking on how to finish it.  I know I will hang it from some vintage seam binding, but I also want to hang some danglies from it.  Maybe some sewing items, maybe some beads, I am not sure.  It will be a necklace when I am finished, but for now I need to think it through a bit more.

What do you think? 

DSC06680 (1024x666)

I found some darling 1950s images on-line and translated them to new Rummikub pendant designs. 

DSC06681 (1024x768)

I love the lady pictures and think there will be one or maybe both in my future.  I am getting ready for a two day show this weekend in Richmond in the VCU area.

Publication2 (2)

I met the owner of the Jewelry Box at the craft fair on 43rd Street and she asked me to be a part of this First Friday weekend event.  She is located in the VCU area of Richmond. 

If you are in the area stop by on Friday from noon to 7p or Saturday from 10a to 4p.  I will be there and thrilled to meet you! 


DSC06547 (1024x767)It has been craft show prep time here at the Casa de Crafty!  I have two craft shows in December and have been making some elf silhouette scrabble tiles.

I really like them and how they turned out.  There is something about a silhouette that adds class to a creation.  Even when it is a holiday creation. 

Don’t you think?

DSC06459 (642x1024)I had to make a custom order for a friend as well as a birthday present for a co-worker, so the Kumihimo disc was a smokin’!

This is the birthday present for the co-worker.  She mentioned a long time ago that she wanted one for Halloween.  I made this one with orange and purple yarns.  I covered the poker chip with scrapbook paper, some beads and a wooden flower button. 

DSC06458 (768x1024)

DSC06460 (733x1024)Then for the custom order I was asked to make a blue bracelet with a dolphin theme.   The dolphin image and text is from a vintage dictionary. 

DSC06442 (768x1024)

DSC06462 (842x1024)The other for the custom order was to make one in black and white with a knitting theme.  I found this great pic of Cary Grant knitting.  I cannot recall what movie it was for.  The background is text from a prayer missal in a foreign language. 

DSC06463 (866x1024)

I love making the Kumihimo cords.  It is repetitive and you never know what it will look like with the yarns you select until you are finished. 

DSC06443 (1024x687)

I played around with my Rummikub tiles, Mod Podge and rubber stamps.  Made some house tiles as well as some bike tiles (girl bike tiles as a gentleman pointed out to me).  Then he proceeded to go into greeeeeeaaaattttt… detail about the difference.  I stood there with my very best I kind of care face on while secretly wishing he would leave!

DSC06444 (1024x564)

I also stamped some ravens and owls.  I really loved the ravens and kept one for myself.  I thought they were very Poe! 

I met an interesting person at the festival.  He walked up to me and introduced himself as Nutty Buddy.  The band was playing kind of loud so I missed a lot of what he said, but my creep meter was in overdrive.  He came back a few minutes later and asked to take my pic with his camera on his phone.  What could I say as he snapped it before I replied!  He left again and came back a few minutes later to offer me a box of Cheetos.  I declined and he commented that he couldn’t find anyone that wanted the “da** things”!  Then a friend asked me what his last name was.  I told her I was not listening that closely.  She said that she thought it was a man that was pretty infamous in the area and had been banned from several places for less than gentlemanly DSC06445 (1024x551)behavior.  I said “great, my pic is on his cell!”  I watch the local news with one eye closed now waiting for my pic from his cell to be on there!

I made some more neighborhood charms.  I also made one pendant with paper only as I thought it was so pretty!

DSC06446 (1024x707)

And I made some more keys.  They got a lot of action, but only two people purchased one.  Guess like me when I saw the $70 one they were trying to figure out how I made them!  LOL!

I had a really great day and it was a profitable one, too!

DSC06383 (1024x667)

I love Edgar Allen Poe!  I have lived in a few cities in my life and had the good fortune to live in two cities that Edgar frequented, Baltimore and Richmond.  Both are lovely cities with lots of history.

A couple of years ago I made a couple of Edgar brooches.  I decided to do it up again and this time to make them a bit more elaborate.  I added some clear microbeads, placed his pic on an oval wood disc to make it more cameo-like, and added bits of lace. 

DSC06384 (1024x712)All of the fabrics came from this lady.  Vicki, hand dyes and paints fabrics.  She and I worked out a deal that she saves me her scraps and I keep her in vintage napkins for dyeing.  Good arrangement, no?  Every bag I receive from Vicki is like Christmas as I never know what will be inside.  Be sure to check out her Etsy shop! 

The brooches I made for the craft show the weekend of the 22nd.  It will be in the Forest Hill area on 43rd Street in front of the 43rd Street Gallery.  It benefits a local church school. 

I love playing around with Edgar!  He tells the best stories!

Now get your minds out of the gutter! :O)

DSC06300 (1024x768)

Making Kumihimo cords is very mindless and repetitive work.  You can also do it in very low light situations.  So while the sun was up I picked out some yarns and set about making a cord.  Once you get it started you can kind of “feel” your way along.  One from the top to the bottom, once from the bottom to the top, rotate 45 degrees and start again…top…bottom…45 degrees…and on and on.  I make the cords until i run out of the yarns.  My cords are always longer then I need, but then I save them for when I need one. 

I make another bracelet, a necklace, a holder for a charm, whatever.  It is the gluing and the clasp that takes the real skill! 


DSC06301 (1024x768)The charm is made using a balsam wood circle disc that I painted, and added a piece of scrapbook paper that I stamped a bike image onto.  On the other side I punched another paper with a rosette punch and affixed it on top.  I added some beads, a lobster claw clasp, and it is finished!

I really like how this one turned out.  It is awesome!

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