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DSC00730 A-well-a everybody’s heard about the bird
B-b-b-bird, bird, bird, b-bird’s the word
A-well-a bird, bird, bird, the bird is the word A-well-a bird, bird, b-bird’s the word

DSC00737A-well-a don’t you know about the bird?
Well, everybody knows that the bird is the word!
A-well-a bird, bird, b-bird’s the word


It is a songbird after all! 

The top pic is an attempt at a new birdie brooch with fabric and a felted wool back.  What do you think?  Sorry, the pic is a bit fuzzy.  Do you think that the fabric makes it too busy? 

Christine, if you are reading the middle pic is your sneak peek for the Sweet Little Nest Swap.  I have a couple more days to figure out how to pack and ship that puppy! 

Heidi, I am getting better with the ink, huh? 

Edward Scissorhands was a glorious movie and one of my favorite scenes is where he is cutting the hedges and making the most wonderful creations.  They were magical, whimsical and truly extraordinary.  Well, I don’t have scissors for hands, but they were in my hands a lot this weekend. 

I have a swap to get finished, the Speckled Egg’s Sweet Little Nest Swap.  The last day to mail is the 1st of March.  I decided on my plan, but hit a real snag when it came to the bird I wanted to make for it.  Enter blog tutorials, Martha Stewart and a bird I saw on Etsy.  Fast forward to me creating all 3 that I found.  In the end, I can’t show you the birdy victor as that would spoil my partner’s surprise. 


I can show you Martha’s bird that didn’t make the cut.  I left off the comb and waddles as I wanted it to be a bird and not a chicken. 

In the end it was too large for the nest that I created.  It mentions in the instructions to add beans to make it sit upright.  I would recommend that as this one now flops around like a Weeble, but this chick does fall down!  I didn’t add the beans as it was to sit on a nest. 

Also, the beak is really too long! 

DSC00731The mail this weekend was awesome again.  Jacky, from Portugal, and I did a 1:1 swap.  I sent her a Button Fairy so she could see how they were made and in return Jacky sent me her first attempt.  Pretty great, wouldn’t you agree?  I love the Fimo clay buttons she used for the tail and how she made the wings. 

Speaking of Fimo buttons, she sent me a bunch of them, too.  They were inside a matchbox she made and there was also a little picture. 


I cannot begin to imagine what I will make using them.  They are so cool and the textures on some of them are awesome.  Thanks Jacky, you were a great partner. 

DSC00727 Smiles and Sunshine sent me an e-mail asking how to get some of the clay faces that I made.  Since I am still learning the technique we agreed to a 1:1 swap.  She sent me a shabby chic Dotee doll she created and I sent her some faces. 

I love the fabric she made her with and the way she created her braids, too.  She was packed neatly in a Velamints tin.  How cute is that?  She is tiny, cute, and minty fresh, too!

Lastly, I bought a couple of pendants from Sam I Am.  Sandy creates lovely pendants and bubbles which she sells on the Pfatt Marketplace.  I contacted her to ask if she could make me a LOL bubble pendant.  While I was checking out the beading she adds to the pendants, I found this bluebird with the best quote.  She sent them to me via priority mail at no extra cost, so I had them in days. 


Could the week be any better than my weekend?  Cross your fingers! :O)

Bonjour mon amour…hello, my love!

vallen hearts

These are the crocheted heart brooches that I purchased from the Queen’s Etsy shop.  They are even lovelier in person and I will be wearing them proudly.  Check out the other goodies she is selling including her button bracelets and calla lily brooches made from felted wool.  So lovely and sweet!

Inspired by Vallen’s creativity and this picture, I used my chocolate and pink wool yarns and created this brooch for a friend.   

choc heart

J’ai entendu dire que…a little bird told me…

bird brooch

I bought this sweet little bird brooch from Phoebe’s Fascination Station on Etsy.  It is sweet and simple.  I believe it is a stamped bird on felt. 

I packed up Barb’s hanging heart to ship it today.  I should be able to show you what I sent by the end of the week. 

 Here’s hoping your week is filled with sweet surprises!

There’s a woman who leads a life of crafting
To everyone she meets she stays a stranger
With every move she makes another chance she takes
Odds are she’ll craft until tomorrow

Secret agent crafter, secret agent crafter
They’ve given you a deadline and taken away your glue gun

Beware of pretty pictures that you find
A pretty picture can change your mind
Ah, be careful what you show
Or you’ll give yourself away
Odds are you’ll craft until tomorrow

Secret agent crafter, secret agent crafter
They’ve given you a deadline and taken away your glue gun

Swingin’ on the yarn one day
And then layin’ in the glitter alley next day
Oh no, you let the wrong glue slip
While pursing persuasive lips
The odds are you’ll craft until tomorrow

Secret agent crafter, secret agent crafter
They’ve given you a deadline and taken away your glue gun

Secret agent crafter, that’s my name!

(This post brought to you by the Oh So Charming Itty Bitty Valentine Swap.) Dolly, if you are reading, consider this your sneak peek!  Pretty packages containing itty bitty sweetness. 

Now I see you there thinking that I am pretty full of myself.  Sitting there typing a title like that one from the comfort of my little home.  Today, though, I feel it is great to be Cindy.  It is not everyday that I feel that. 

I have a real sense of accomplishment after finishing a few projects yesterday.  First, for my friend, Louise, I made the requested felted patch tote for her.  She asked for more red than mine and I used almost every bit of red I had on this one. 

louise tote

Louise is a musician and choir director.  She plays the piano, the pipe organ, the harp, handbells on occasion and is also a singer.  After I realized I didn’t have a large enough piece of black/white fabric in my stash for the lining, closure, handle inside and pockets I made a run to the Busy Bea to get some fabric.  Appropriately, this is the one that I picked.

louise tote inside

I am sure she will love it when I deliver it to her today!

Next, I did a 1:1 swap with Sarah of Sassy Priscilla.  She asked for a coffee cozie for her husband to use.  We agreed on some brown fabric I had, but then I realized I didn’t have enough.  Instead I used this mannish black and white pattern with an appropriately mannish button to complement it.  The pink one in the picture is one I made to send to a friend.  Hope that he likes it, Sarah.  It will be mailed out today.

cup cozies

And I received the first of the  3 Button Fairies from the swap-bot swap.  It came from Umi in Singapore.   This picture doesn’t do her justice as her wings and sequins are a lot more vibrant. 

umi button fairy

I also love her Mardi Gras headdress. 

So you see, today it is great for me to be ME!

Have a great rest of the week! 


This has been a great holiday.  Crafting, munching, visiting, train gardens, dinners, sweets, and on and on and on.  Did I mention sweets?  I made myself a loaf of the Pumpkin Cranberry bread along with 2 others to take with me, received several types of homemade candies from Louise, and (oh yeah) bought some, too.  So it has been sew a bit, eat a bit, run for a snack, glue a coat, play with some wire, get a snack…it is a vicious, but rewarding cycle!

On the Sunday before Christmas I decided to get out the felted wool and make myself a present.  So a couple of hours later I had this.


The red is more a true red instead of the tomatoey that it looks.  I put lots of pockets inside and made this one more hobo baggish.  I love that style.  The lining fabric is some vintage fabric I found at a thrift shop over the summer.  Someone had made one pair of curtains and had a couple of yards of leftover fabric and I got both the fabric and the curtains.  Becky from BB’s Cottage (no website, but if you are in Colonial Heights it is in the shops by Ivy Memorial Church).  Becky is really good to me as I am a real regular browser.  I buy a lot of vintage fabrics from her and she always makes me promise to show her what I make.  She is great about keeping an eye out for what I am seeking for me, too.  Great lady, so if you live in the area check her out. 
I bought this book on clearance at Wal-mart a few weeks ago. 

Art To Wear

Here is the link from if you want to learn more about it.  There are a few projects I want to try in it, but this one I worked on over the last couple of days.

mm trims

The base is 5 pages from an old dictionary that were decopaged together.  I didn’t have the required brayer so used a rolling pin in the interim.  I then inked the pages a bit, added the piece of scrapbook paper, the image from a storybook and decoupaged it all.  I then added the rivets (which I don’t like at ALL!), wire, and the stone at the bottom to give it a bit of heft. 

I have it out and keep looking at it to decide how to eliminate the rivet part.  An idea hit me this morning and am going to try it on the next one.   

Saturday, I went to visit Torman and drop off some stuff.  James had made this lovely ballerina and I bought it before he had even determined what to sell it for. 


I love how he hung her from ribbons on an old half of a hinge.  He is very artistic and is forever rescuing things from the trash.  He has made some killer displays with items from the trash.  They are going to start a blog soon for the shop.  They no longer have their website as they had some issues finding someone to update it reasonably for them.  I will link it as soon as they do.  In the interim they are located at 29N. 17th St. in the bottom area of Richmond, VA. 

Lastly, I left a comment when the Michael Miller blog was giving away samples of their new bias trim and ruffle rac and it arrived before the holiday. 

mm trims

Black and white ruffle rac and pink dotted bias tape, I feel a prissy tote in my future.  I love black/white with pink.  Too sweet a combo. 

They let me know with the package that the entire color line will be available in January from JCaroline Creative.  So go and scoop some up for yourself!

Well, that was a lot that I had been sitting on since Christmas.  Hope yours was a great one, too! 

I made the ice skate ornaments using the tutorial from Not Quite Vintage with one tiny change.  I couldn’t find red sequins at Wal-Mart unless I wanted to pick them out of a bag of a million mixed ones (not going to happen) and the substitute seed beads I bought would not fit on the needle I had to use for the floss, so…I made french knots instead. 

You know how I like non-traditional holiday colors, so there is pink.  Girly skates?  Romantic holiday skates?  You decide. They whip up very quickly.

ice skates

I made 9 sets.  You never know who might show up at the Daniel’s (the family I spend the holidays with) and I want to be sure every family has a little something from me.  It is funny to see the expressions on the faces of the people that have never been there and I have not met when they get one.  If no one shows then each family gets 2!  Just a big elf, I am!

I had seen a pillowcase grocery tote tutorial on-line, but couldn’t get in my head what the person was trying to convey.  I am very visual, but was confused by what she was trying to convey about the corners.  So, I did my own thing and since the pillowcase was a king that I used it was quite roomy.


I cut off the top border and then cut it at the sides to make the handles.  I tri-folded them and then stitched 2 straight lines on them.  The remaining pillowcase was folded in half and then cut at that mid-point.  Since the one half had the hem all around the outside of the bag is already sewn together for you.  Now, sew the other half leaving an opening at the bottom to pull the bag through. 

You can make the boxed corners if you prefer by folding the corner and measuring (I used 2″).  Then sew a straight line  and then a zig zag on the point side.  Cut off the point side.  Do this to both the inner and outer pieces.

With the insides facing one another sew the top all the way around.  Turn it right side out.  I don’t sew the bottom seam closed until I am sure I am all good after the ironing.  Iron the top seam flat and then sew around with about a 1/2″ seam allowance.  Iron again.  Sew the bottom closed.

Now the handles.  Measure from the sides of the bag in 6″ (or however much works for yours) and about 1.75″ down on the front.  (Note: You may need to adjust all measurements for the handles based on your case).  Pin the handle onto the front of the tote.  Then sew the handle on with a square and then an X across the middle of the square for strength. 

Now, admire your new tote!  What a great way to recycle that pillowcase with the missing/ruined mate!  They go together so quickly they make a great quick gift, too.  And bonus, they are good for our environment! 

If you make one let me know as I would love to share it. 

Hope you are all ready for the holiday to come! 

I thought I should return to blogging of the crafty nature.  After all, I am supposed to be crafty!

On Saturday at Feathernesters it was a lovely lunch with my friends Angela and Amy.  Crafting of ornaments for both of them ensued on the night before and here is what they received.

A dove using a tutorial from Bella Dia for Amy. 


The felted sweater I used was a bit thin so I decided to sew it and turn it instead of sewing as the tutorial indicates.  I didn’t cut it any larger to accommodate for it.

Owls using this Japanese tutorial  for Angela and Amy’s daughter, Brianna. 


I couldn’t get what to do with the bottom, so I used the sewn together owl to cut a circle that I sewed onto the bottom.  It made a nice base so it can stand or hang. 

Angela gave me some scrapbook paper and I used a bit along with some text from a magazine to make this pendant for me.


Inspired by the owl ornaments, I made this owl brooch.

owl brooch

And I had given you a few sneak peeks previously and now that they have been received here are the items.

The sneak peek  for Christy, my Sweet Sister Swap partner, was the button closure of this felted wool patchwork tote. 

tote fronttote inside

tote back

The patches are made from sweaters that I thrifted/felted and cut randomly.  I then added the patchwork squares with pinked edges for a bit more color and some pretty vintage buttons to hold down the centers.  I was hesitant to use fusing as it might burn the wool.  I put lots of pockets on the inside, too (a must).  The inside is a thrifted skirt that I liked the material.  I also lined the inside of the handles with it. 

I was so happy how this turned out that I will soon make myself one.  I came thisclose to not getting this in her box of goodies.  If you want to see what I sent to her for the swap you can see here

And this sneak peek was the button on this necktie scarf for Kiva.  She won the 100th post giveaway.

kiva’s scarf

Whew, that was a lot of craftiness.  What could she possibly have left?  Stay tuned!

Hope your weekend was great and the week off to a good start.

He seems to be bringing me packages that are ALMOST making up for the post office messes.  Yesterday was a great mail day.

First, there was a completely unexpected fabric postcard from Barbara


It is lovely with the faintest tree pattern to the background fabric and the decorated tree.  It is lovely, thanks Barbara!

Next, I did a trade with Sue.  I had some dominos that I couldn’t use and offered them up to her as I thought they might be the ones she was looking for.  To say thanks, she let me pick 2 of her new pendants.  How sweet that she sent me both with another tied on the package. 


I wore one today and got so many compliments!  Thanks, Sue!

Lastly, I received the felty pins from my swap-bot swap.  They are the cutest things that I have ever seen.  Patabearsent me some kawai items and some beachy stickers also. 


I love how she used fur yarn to make the whale’s spray.  The elephant is just so tiny and pink.  Too cute! 

I can show you my Christmas postcard now that Kate has received it. 

christmas postcard

She and I did a 1:1 swap.  This card was inspired by a card I saw on a paper cardmaking blog.  It used strips of various ribbons to make the tree.  I used some fabric ribbons to make the tree and the pot that holds it.  The stem is from some edges of the Vera towel I used for the tote I sent to Abbie. 

I did a 1:1 swap-bot swap with Tangled Threads.  I sent her this button fairy that I gave you a sneak peek of earlier.  Since it was delivered today, I can show it to you.

button fairy

And since she loves the Eastern Mountain Bluebird so I made her this bluebird felty pin.  I thrifted a book a while ago about Eastern birds and on the inside they had a silhouette of this bird.  I kind of freehanded this one a bit. 


And here is the part where the humor comes in.  Please immediately read this post  by Miss Sandy about her Christmas “miss”hap.   I laughed so hard that I piddled.  And who of us has not ever uttered the words, “I will, at the next commercial” to our parents.

Hope the week went well!

I spent so much time yesterday in the morning staring at the snow, that I forgot to do much of anything.  Add to that a trip to the post office to mail a package. 

But FIRST! May I have a mini-tangent now?  How ludicrous of the postal system to enact a rule regarding packages over 13 ounces and the mailing thereof.  If they are not mailed according to the rules they are returned to you.  You can read it here.  What is the difference between using on-line postage and stamps?  Can you tell me that?  Now the line at my local post office which was always long to begin with is now out the door as every local mom, pop, kid, and person is at the post office with packages. 

I try to use the APC whenever I can, but man oh man!  I have to find a parking space first!  They privatized the post office a while back and enacted some changes to help it make some money.  My stamps go up every time I turn around and they continue to make it more inefficient to use their services!  And while I am at it…how come I can mail a package to Oregon and it makes it there in 3 days, but a letter to a location 30 minutes away takes that same 3 days or longer? 

{Deep breathing!  Cleansing breaths!  Thinking happy thoughts….ice cream, cakes, pies, visions of sugarplums!   Santa is watching!}  Better now, but still wondering!

Yesterday, I created some new felty pins.  I have a bit of a mitten fetish lately, I am afraid.  I just think they are too cute, but don’t own a pair.  I have seen some tutorials to make my own from felted wool, but have not tried them yet.  Also, working on perfecting that cup of tea brooch.  One day I will get it exactly like I want it. 

mug mittens

And here is a recipe I tried the other evening.  It was YUMMY and very easy, too.   I didn’t have the Teriyaki, but did have some ginger sesame dressing so used it instead. 

Aimee’s Quick Chicken
Submitted by: Aimee Woolwine Prep Time: 5 Minutes
Cook Time: 30 Minutes
Ready In: 35 Minutes
Yields: 4 servings

“Chicken breasts baked with Dijon mustard, teriyaki sauce, bacon bits and Parmesan cheese. That’s it! Yummy!”


4 skinless, boneless chicken

breast halves

4 ounces Dijon mustard

1/4 cup teriyaki sauce

1/4 cup bacon bits

1/2 cup grated Parmesan



1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C).
2. Place chicken in a 9×13 inch baking dish. Slather mustard evenly over chicken, then pour teriyaki sauce evenly over all. Sprinkle with bacon bits, then cover with cheese.
3. Bake at 400 degrees F (200 degrees C) for 30 minutes.
ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © 2007 Printed from 12/6/2007

Enjoy!  Maybe take it with you to the post office?  You may just need it! 

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