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when dish soap and a circle on a stick kept me busy for hours.

the spray when you popped one that was in mid-flight.

when you watched them fly on the wind toward heaven.

blowing bubbles! 

Do you remember, too? 

the first time I held a puppy.

smelling its sweet little puppy breath.

feeling like I was an adult even though I was still little.

loving a little thing so much!

Do you remember, too?

working hard to get the rope and my body working together.

singing silly songs while I jumped.

feeling the rope whirl under my feet and over my head.

wishing I could break a record for the most jumps.

jumping rope.

Do you remember, too? 

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drawing some squares and numbers on a sidewalk or lot.

throwing a rock onto one of the squares not to touch.

jumping over the squares.

singing silly songs.

playing hopscotch.

Do you remember, too? 

the first time I decided to climb the high dive.

the taunts of my friends to “jump chicken.”

feeling like I was going to throw up and wet myself at the same time.

feeling like I fell forever.

the splash as I struck the water.

my feet touching the pool bottom in the deep end.

feeling like my lungs would burst before I broke the surface.

forgetting to breathe before I hit the water.

running around to do it again!

Do you remember, too?

catching lightning bugs on a hot summer evening.

placing them in a jar.

challenging my brother to catch more.

putting them on my night stand.

thinking they made a great night light.

Do you remember, too?

when punk was all the rage.

when suburban kids thought it made them cool.

when they put safety pins through their faces.

when they wore leather and studded collars and cuffs.

when you wondered what they would do after the fad went away.

Do you remember, too? 


when my girlfriends and I got the giggles.

when we would laugh ourselves silly at absolutely nothing.

when I laughed so hard I had to piddle.

when everything was funny!

Do you remember, too?

when they wore a habit.

when they seemed very mean.

when they wielded a mean ruler.

when they would sit in the front pews.

when Whoopi Goldberg made them funny.

Do you remember, too? 

Til the one day when this lady met this fellow: The famous grid from the show opening.when the kids were little,

when Alice was hip!

when Robert Reed was straight.

when I never missed an episode!

Do you remember, too? 

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