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I know that you all know that I sell some of my thrift finds on Ebay.  Every now and then, I buy something on Ebay. 

I found this handmade gnome brooch recently and had to have it.  It was listed as buy it now, so I didn’t have to wait and hope.  I did a couple of clicks and it was in my mailbox in a matter of days. 

Isn’t it great! 

One of the shop owners where I bring my jewelry called my style whimsical.  That is funny as I was trying for a bit edgy!  I talked with her about how wrong she was in that assessment and that I was not whimsical.  Then on the drive home I looked over at my mushroom purse and remembered my Alice In Wonderland purse while I was wearing my button Converses and thought… “Damn she is RIGHT!”

Oh well, embrace the whimsy, right???

DSC03473 (818x1024)



Nancy sent me this postcard just to let me know she is thinking about me.  Isn’t it great?  It is one that she created and is now selling them.  I love the images. 







DSC03472 (943x1024)




And because I can and because I wanted it, I bought this cute owly brooch from this Etsy seller.   It came all the way from the Netherlands.  Isn’t it darling?  Don’t you want one, too?








On the days leading up to Christmas…

On Etsy I purchased for ME…

A lovely wrap from Idea2lifestyle that flew in from Japan.

Wild Rose artist patchwork shawl

A couple of stripey scarves from Prettypanda.

Green stripy scarf

Candy Cane Scarf

And a crocheted slouchy hat with an owlie appliqué by dahliasoleil.

New...The Irie Owl Slouchy Hat

I was thrilled when I opened my presents on Christmas morning!  Santa knew just what I wanted!

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I have long been a fan of Etsy seller Untamed Menagerie.  If you have been reading the ole’ blog for any length of time you know I gravitate to the quirky, the unique and the graphic.  I love jewelry.  I love all aspects of jewelry.  brooches. necklaces. bracelets. rings. etc. etc. etc.  I like vintage jewels, I love handmade jewels, I love wearing something that likely no one else will have.  No one will ever walk up to me and say “I have that exact same (insert item here).”  I like it that way.

A Lady OughtSo imagine my delight to own one of their pieces of my very own.    I was concerned about the size.  At 3.5” long I thought it might be too big so didn’t purchase it.  One of my co-workers who I turned on to Etsy showed up wearing it one day.  I almost died!  She was wearing the object of a many years long desire.  I made up my mind then and there to buy it. 

Horrors!  I went to their site and they were making new designs!!!!!  OMG, I have waited too long and now it is gone! 

Then a few months later I checked in again on their Etsy show and there it was!  So I snatched it like a hot cookie from the cooling rack!  It is now mine!  I am so thrilled to own it finally. 

Isn’t she lovely?  It is titled A Lady Ought.  In my case a lady ought to buy it the first time she sees it and loves it!

I found this little (about 1.5”) Native American doll at an antique mall a couple of weeks ago.  DSC02368 (565x1024) He was old and the package it was in said 1950s.  He certainly had the dust and dirt to prove it.  He was kind of cool.  He was CHEAP ($2.50) so I bought him. 

As I looked more closely I noticed that one of the dangles was missing from his headdress, and some of the chap (the red beads) were missing.  He did have a leather hanger on the back that was intact and he appeared to be strung on ropes which finished at his feet.  I started to worry I had made a mistake with this one. 

I decided to place him on Ebay and see what happened.  I have been surprised by other little things and how they did, so thought I would give it a try.  It would only cost about 65 cents to find out. 

Imagine my surprise when the bidding for this item got up to $16.50 before it ended.  The winning bidder let me know how much she wanted it and how she HAD to have it.  I almost asked her why it was so special, but didn’t. 

It just goes to show you, that the beauty of an item is in the eye of the collector.  Would you have bought him or taken him home?  I am still wondering why I did???

Thanks for the comments on my week off last week.  I really appreciated the thoughts.  I was rebounding from some news I received the weekend before and needed a bit to get my wind back in my sails.  The job interview I had on the 13th of January finally let me know they were picking someone else for the position.  Even though I understood as I am a recruiter and know how the process goes it still stung a bit.  I didn’t get my hopes up, but that didn’t make the disappointment any less.  Oh well, there is the right position out there for me somewhere.  Cross your fingers!


Since I took last week off I have a couple of MAMMA challenges to show you.   The first is the Where Did You Get That Hat?  I found this image with this awful hat that kind of looks like a helmet with a large feather and knew I had to use it.  I then went searching for an appropriate bad hat quote and found it.   

The background is a vintage button card which until I used it didn’t notice it said Occupied Japan.  At least it was missing all, but one of the buttons.  The white button on the card is an original from the card. 




Last week’s theme was India.  I knew I was going to make a fabric ATC and that I was going to feature a Goddess on it.  I started with a background of raw silk to which I sewed some gold/white ric rac and some of that stretch gold cording that ties up boxes in the stores.  I added a bit of fabric to the edge, too.  The picture of the Goddess Durga is affixed with dimensional glue dots to give her some height and dimension. 





I have received the following cards in exchange the last couple of weeks.  From Pattiein_uk for the Zetti swap I received a Zetti angel that she drew by hand. 






From Muddled Mind I received this sweet card for the hat swap. 







And in the mail I received the brooch I ordered from Kup Kup Land’s Etsy shop.  It came all the way from Greece.  I have been a fan of her work for a LONG time and finally bought one of her brooches.  It certainly helped to brighten my week last week! 

Sweet and sooooo cute. 

Here’s hoping our news this week is all good!

The pic is courtesy of Kup Kup.

DSC01560I love my new pouch!

I bought it from this Etsy seller.

Cute, no?

It makes me smile!  How about you?




I have also been tagged, twice so I am it it. 

I was ‘tagged’ last week by Jan.  You have to go to your photo album on your PC, pick the 6th album then the 6th photo and Blog it ! So this is mine………



It is an angel headstone in Blandford Cemetery in Petersburg, VA.  It is a very big part of the civil war and home of Blandford church.  All of the windows in the church were designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany and when the sun hits them they are awesome.  There is one for each of the southern states in the civil war. 

There is also a life size statue on a headstone of a man’s wife.  It is said that the likeness on the face is his wife’s.  What a testament to that love affair. 

I love to take photos in black and white.  You see the image instead of getting lost in the colors. 

Apparently, I now have to tag five other people and ask them to do the same! 

So I am tagging Mary Ann, Vallen, Loralynn, Kiva, and Suzy.


Christy tagged me also last week.  It is for the 8 things Meme.  So here goes:

8 Things about me:

  1. I am the next to the youngest of 7 children
  2. I am willing to try (almost) anything once
  3. I don’t like to share a lot of personal info easily
  4. I am 5′ 10″ tall
  5. Love to laugh
  6. Love to have fun
  7. Cherish my friends
  8. Think people are all basically good until they show otherwise

8 TV Shows I watch:

  1. 2 1/2 Men
  2. Cold Case
  3. Law & Order (the original)
  4. Law and Order Special Victims Unit
  5. New Adventures of Old Christine
  6. Medium
  7. ER
  8. 48 Hours Mysteries

8 Restaurants I Love (not a big chain restaurant person)

  1. Chick-fil-a
  2. Hardees (chicken biscuits)
  3. Feathernesters (local)
  4. Panera Bread
  5. Klara’s Kitchen (local)
  6. Subway
  7. Chang’s (local)
  8. Central Park Deli (local)

8 Things that happened today:

  1. I went to lunch and a movie with a friend
  2. Went to the art supply store for a swap item
  3. Went to the bookstore for a magazine they didn’t have
  4. The sun was shining and it was 65 degrees (on February 2nd!)
  5. Watched Puxatwaney Phil get jerked out of his abode
  6. Went to the post office
  7. Smiled for no apparent reason
  8. Performed a RAK for a car waiting to enter my lane

8 Things I look forward to:

  1. Art filled mailbox
  2. Blog entries from my favs
  3. Someone saying they like what I have created
  4. Birds playing outside my window
  5. The squirrels chasing one another up a tree
  6. A good sweet
  7. A call from a friend
  8. Waking up each day

8 Things I wish for:

  1. Employment
  2. That the economy will get better
  3. That Barrack Obama will be the best President EVER to show the naysayers
  4. The war in Iraq will end
  5. A great decaf chai latte with skim milk
  6. ALL restaurants to offer something diet AND caffeine free
  7. The world will slow down and be a nicer place
  8. That I will learn to slow down a bit more

8 songs I just listened to:

1-8. All by Randy Newman as I am listening to his CD, but don’t know the names as it is a new one I bought at the Goodwill.

8 Favorite Movies:

  1. Boyz in the Hood
  2. Circle of Friends
  3. Steel Magnolias
  4. For the Boys
  5. Gran Torino (saw it Monday)
  6. Deuce Bigalow Male Gigolo – the original one (like the stupid and the funny)
  7. Pretty Woman
  8. That Old Feeling

8 people I tag:

  1. Any
  2. One
  3. That
  4. Wants
  5. To
  6. Do
  7. It
  8. Can

Whew, that was hard! 


It is weeks like this that my mailbox runneth over with goodies.  First up, is a pendant that I bought off Etsy from this seller.  She used a Monopoly chance card for the pendant.  She sent the bottle cap pendant as a little extra. 

Isn’t it great?



Christmas baubles were also received from my Flickr group’s swap.  The one on the left is from Lubna and the one on the right from Wendy.  Both are located in the UK. 

DSC01448_1024 DSC01452_1024

There were ATCs from Judy on the left and Jan on the right.  Jan also sent me this lovely velvet journal tied with a lovely ribbon.  Is it not the prettiest thing that you have seen??  I LOVE it.  Both Judy and Jan are in the MAMMA group on Flickr. 

DSC01449_1024 DSC01450_1024




Lastly, I received one of the homemade Christmas cards from the Brooklyn Bride swap.   The card has an embossed chandelier stamped on an ivory card and was created by Globetrotting Bride.  Thanks, Lyla, for the lovely card.


Now tell me if your mailbox fuller than mine? 


DSC01414I have a sickness addiction overwhelming need love of scarves.  I have literally tens twenties fifty or more and still cannot resist another cute one.  Especially when it had a birdie?  How could I say no to this one?

I was scoping out Etsy the other evening when I happened upon this one.  It is light so I can wear it all day long instead of only when outside.  The seller is Tacky Top Hat

She was nice enough to send along a little heart brooch (does she know me and my brooch sickness or what?) and a bracelet.  I don’t have the bracelet in the pic as I used the beads for a thrifted necklace I was restringing that I needed a couple of beads that size and color.  It was a single strand without a clasp and I made it a double with a clasp. 

I showed you on Monday the ATC that BrendaLea sent to me and mentioned the 1935 newspaper she sent along.  I clipped the ads from the paper and scanned them.  I will share them here and later in the week on my Flickr page in case you would like to use them in your artwork. 

ad1 ad2 ad3

ad5 ad6 ad8 ad9

Did you see some of the prices?  Wow, that is a bargain!  I don’t see those prices in thrift shops!

Here’s hoping your turkey is moist, you miss the traffic, you have enough to eat, and most of all you are with those that you love the most! 

Happy Thanksgiving!



And, on Thanksgiving, remember that one person can make a difference and give thousands a reason to be thankful!

You can watch the story here





Last week’s mail was great.  There was a lot to be happy about in my box. 

First up is my new necklace from Fruitcake Designs courtesy of Etsy.  I loved the acorn image and it is a piece of fabric that she sealed with resin and then embellished with red and black flowers.  The necklace is thrifted. 









I also purchased the fat birdie brooch from her.  Isn’t it so cute and oh so fat!  She sent along the flower brooch to say thanks!









I received the button swap from my partner, Shelby.  She said in her note with the swap that she is a paper artist.  Her origami bugs she sent along are too cute!  I also love the button flowers she made for me. 


Thanks, Shelby, I love all of my goodies and my blue buttons, too! 






I also received a package from Sew Spun.  She had a blog contest to name her new yarn creation.  My suggestion won. 

The yarn is a dark lavender and the bias trim is a light lavender.  the fabric behind it is my fav colors of yellow and pink. 

It is amazing how you take a bunch of pics at the same time with the same light and this is what you get. 


What made you happy last week?

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