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I was honored to be asked by a co-worker what she could do with a vintage velvet dress that belonged to her Grandmother.  Whatever was made was to be given to her sisters that were also her bridesmaids. 

My initial thought was to make some of the some of these flowers, but the velvet burned and would not melt. It also was too heavy to hold the shape.

I then went to my old fave and added a bit of a new twist ala Kim.  After I tore the velvet in strips and then gathered them, I then added some fun fur yarn and a clip earring or necklace bit to the top.  On the back is a balsam wood disc to cover up the stitches and a pinback. 

I then ran the edges of the flowers over the candle and it turned them brown and melted them a bit.  I am thrilled with the end result.  Below are some close ups of each. 

DSC09034 (1600x1200)DSC09035 (1600x1200)DSC09036 (1600x1200)DSC09037 (1600x1200)DSC09038 (1600x1200)DSC09039 (1600x1200)DSC09040 (1600x1200)DSC09041 (1600x1200)

Pretty, no?  I also took some of the beaded trim and sewed it to a headband for her to wear in her hair for the wedding.  It will be her something old. 

What a lovely way to honor her Grandmother!