DSC08841 (907x1600)It all started at the new Love of Jesus Thriftique in the west end.  I found salt shaker and set out to look for his mate.  I searched high and low, but no twin.  He was only a dollar so I thought, he’s kind of cool, I will get him anyway. 

I got home and did some internet research and found out the companion piece I was looking for was a lady!  I also found out his name is Mr. Pickwick. 

Back this week to the Thriftique!  I walk in the front door and immediately inside is the jewelry case.  I stop to check out the case and right on top, like she is sitting there waiting for me to return, is the lady pepper shaker. 

DSC08842 (809x1600)

I notice on her back is not the name Pickwick as the internet research I did was calling her.  I then Googled Artone England (the marking on it) and salt and pepper shakers and find out they are part of a set of 6 shakers.  They are based on Charles Dickens characters.  The lady is Little Nell. 

I guess I might make one more trip back to see if I can find any of the other 4! 

DSC08835 (1530x1600)

He does look better as a pair, doesn’t he?