I recently happened upon a collection of Wade’s Red Rose Tea Whimsies at a local thrift shop.  Since I watch Antiques Roadshow, I know that a group is more valuable then its parts. 

Several years ago, I came upon this fellow at a local estate sale. 

DSC08694 (1200x1600)

I had no idea what he was, but thought he was kind of cool and he was only 25 cents.  On the back he was marked Wade England. 

Fast forward to the thrift shop and there were 20 pieces and my brain clicked to the little figure I had.  I asked if she would make me a deal if I took them all.  They were marked $2.50 each.  She let me have them for $30 for all.  I said sold, she wrapped them and I brought them home. 

Whisper Wade “Whimsies” into many people’s ears and it will mean only one thing…small animal figurines from the George Wade Pottery of Burslem, England.

Wade began in 1810 in Burslem, England, with a small workshop and a single pottery oven making mostly bottles and pottery items. He soon turned his attention to the more profitable ceramics needs of textile mills, which supported the company into the late 1920s. As well as industrial ceramics, Wade produced a line of beautiful figurines, many Art Deco. These were so popular that animal figures were added. The line ran into a snag when it was found that the Cellulose finish turned yellow and peeled off with age. In the late 1930s some models were reissued with a high gloss underglaze finish. (Source)

DSC08737 (1600x1391) DSC08735 (1600x1098) DSC08733 (1600x1199) DSC08725 (1107x1600) DSC08724 (1272x1600) DSC08723 (1200x1600) DSC08714 (1200x1600) DSC08715 (1200x1600) DSC08721 (1200x1600) DSC08713 (1199x1600) DSC08712 (1200x1600) DSC08711 (1200x1600) DSC08704 (1600x1097) DSC08705 (1600x1310) DSC08706 (1600x1238) DSC08703 (1600x1199) DSC08699 (1600x1305) DSC08698 (1600x1199) DSC08697 (1600x1199)

You can ead more about and see the collections here