I found a handmade Snowlady at my local Goodwill.  There is a manager where I work that collects dolls.  I thought she would be the perfect addition to her collection.  There was only problem, there was a blob of dried glue where her nose used to be! 

I went to my local Michaels to get a miniature carrot to glue on it, but they no longer stock miniatures.  What to do?  I happened by the ribbon table lady that makes the bows to ask where the miniatures are.  We brainstormed a bit…clay?  beads of stacking sizes? whittle down a dowel rod?  She then said maybe there is a carrot button? 

As I was heading to the bead and button section, I passed the sea shells and what did I spy?

DSC08616 (1600x1199)

I thought if I cut off the tip and painted it orange, that maybe just maybe?  Well it worked!

DSC08614 (2) (1200x1600)

And here she is in all her glory.  What was the tab for this redo?  Bag of shells $2.99, drops of orange acrylic paint for pennies.  Finished product is priceless!

DSC08613 (1186x1600)

I cannot wait to deliver it tomorrow!  She will love it!  I told her on the phone today that I found a doll for her and that I had to replace a part.  I told her when I delivered her I would tell her which one.  If I said carrot nose, she would know it was a snowman!

Cannot spoil a surprise by giving it away!