DSC08611 (868x1600)I found a new to me and new to the area, too, thrift shop in Colonial Heights called Grantiques.  While on my first trip in I spied with my little eye this lady.  She stands about 14” tall and is made from chalkware.  She was priced at $29.99.  I knew she was old as most chalkware is from the 40s and 50s.  I knew she had something to do with the war as she was saluting and dressed as a WAC (Women’s Army Corp).  I later found that the WACs were established in 1941.

Over 150,000 American women served in the Women’s Army Corps (WAC) during World War 11. Members of the WAC were the first women other than nurses to serve within the ranks of the United States Army. Both the Army and the American public initially had difficulty accepting the concept of women in uniform. However, political and military leaders, faced with fighting a two-front war and supplying men and materiel for that war while continuing to send lend-lease material to the Allies, realized that women DSC08610 (1200x1600)could supply the additional resources so desperately needed in the military and industrial sectors. Given the opportunity to make a major contribution to the national war effort, women seized it. By the end of the war their contributions would be widely heralded. (source)

I found this little lady was stuck in my head and this voice kept saying, “go get her!”  I waiting patiently until the shop reopened from its holiday hiatus on Saturday and made a beeline for her!  I asked the lady that owned the store if she could do a bit better and she came down to $25.  She then told me the rest of the story.  The lady that owned it and whose son sold it to her said she won it as a carnival prize at the World’s Fair.  there was one in New York in 1939 and another in Los Angeles in 1940.  It could have been either one. 

I have Googled every combination I can think of looking for another, but cannot find one.  Since they were carnival prizes they would be plentiful and also disposable, so she may be rare.  I guess time will tell. 

For now she looks lovely on my shelf in the living room.  I love her colors and her chippy façade!