Today, I was making some chicken salad for my lunch and decided to add some chopped almonds and grapes to it.  I just purchased a new knife and decided to use it to chop the almonds.  I had chopped several and it was going quite well until I felt that tell tale pain.  You know the one of the knife cutting skin!

I then looked down to see it starting to turn red.  It got really, really red.  I went into the bathroom to get a bandage for it.  I cleaned it and then bandaged it up.  I put the bandage on tight and went back to the chicken salad.  As I started to cut I saw much more red again!  I realized that I had placed the tightened bandage below the cut and was squeezing out the red stuff.  OMG!

Back to the bathroom I go to clean it again and then re-bandage it.  I put two on this time to be sure I had it covered.  One over top and one around.  Finally, I was good and no red was visible.  I then inspected the chicken salad that was in progress to see if I dropped any in it.  It was all clear. 

Out came a fresh knife, I cut up the grapes and when it was done it was perfection!  I had a chicken salad sandwich recently on raisin bread and it was so yummy, so I made my chicken salad on raisin bread, too!  It was yummy. 

After my ordeal with the knife, I remembered this classic skit from SNL…enjoy!  In case it does not embed properly, you can use the link above.