When I was recently out of town for work for three weeks, I packed a lot of essentials.  Clothes, undies, bras, toiletries, and my Tide pen.  It is my go to for spot removal. 

DSC07123 (1024x768)

I went to the Goodwill in Williamsburg on the way back from a day of training in Newport News for the new company.  I have been wanting to try some wet felting to make some bracelets.  I have read on various sites that a washboard helps for the friction in the felting process.  Imagine my surprise to find one in nearly new condition!

The part that caught my eye is on the back.  DSC07126 (1024x741)Can you read the third sentence?  It says “Packs easily into suit case or traveling bag.”  Packs in your suitcase?  And while I am on the back it is ideal for hosiery and lingerie??  How tough were their garments if it could stand a scrubbing on this board??

And while I am at it, it “just the right size to fit in a bucket, pail or lavatory.”  When I was little that is what my DSC07125 (1024x743)Grandma called the toilet, the lavatory.  Back in the day it was a bucket or a bedpan, right?  So ewwwww… scrubbing your dainties in the toilet! 

I love the name of it, the Dubl Handi!  Sounds like it means business!  I am knitting a small piece to make into a bracelet, well, fiber cord first. 

Hopefully, I will have something to show you next week.  Time will tell. 

Have you tried wet felting?  Any success? 

About the Dubl Handi:

DUBL HANDI Washboard for Silks, Hosiery, Lingerie and Handkerchiefs! Circa 1930-50s. This is an original travel washboard made by the Columbus Washboard Company which began operation in 1895 and is the only American washboard company still in existence.