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The city that came with my new job is very economically depressed lots of street people along the streets.  In the morning it is so sad as they sit in the sunshine along the street, I suppose to get warm after the cold night. 

I have several of the lap blankets that I picked up here and there.  A work giveaway here, a random salesman’s promo there…and they were all just sitting and gathering dust. 

I scooped several of them up and during my lunch hour I passed them out to the people on the street.  I knew they were homeless as they were the same people I see up and down the streets fishing out cans from the trash. 

I handed them the blankets with a simple, “God Bless You and I hope this keeps you warm.”  Most gave me just a slight smile, but one insisted on a hug.  Hugging is waaaaaayyyyyy out of my comfort zone with people that I know well, much less a homeless person.  But I let him give me a hug.  It is good to stretch every now and then!