I talked before about a new thrift shop I found and about the owner’s lack of understanding of the treasures she has in her shop.  I went back again on Saturday and spied this treasure in her showcase. 

DSC07045 (1024x988)

I pointed and asked her if I could look at it.  As she was taking it out of the case she mentioned that she found it in a box of stuff she bought at an estate sale and it is from “some coronation.”  Some coronation?  Has she been under a rock???

It is from the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II (the current Queen!!!!).  It is dated 1953 and is authentic and not a reproduction as the box it came in as well as the felt on the bottom will attest! 

I have been searching the internet for like pieces and cannot find a picture of one like it.  Perhaps it is one that someone made with a bit of the event?  The image is on some type of silk fabric and it is encased in a glass paperweight.  You can read the complete date, this pic obscures it a bit. 

I bought this treasure for $8! 

At this point, I feel like I am taking advantage of her.  She truly has no idea what she has!