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This week’s random act of kindness was to create two surprise care packages for two friends who live far away.

Remember when you were little and loved to receive mail?  How excited you were to see a letter addressed to you?  I remember sending off the coupons in magazines for travel info just to receive the information in the mail.  If it was free, I mailed it just to see my name in the to section of a letter or envelope. 

I recently thrifted a set of vintage unused Ziggy Valentines.  I have a friend from high school that loved and still loves Ziggy.  I packaged them up, decorated an envelope with a Valentine motif and mailed them off to her to use.  They will get there a few days before so she will have them for last minute Valentines.  She loves to send cards for all holidays, birthdays, etc, so they will be used. 

The other random package was for a new friend I met through Etsy.  She was so remarkable with a custom order recently and took a lot of time and care to ensure that what I wanted was exactly as I needed.  I made her a pendant and mailed it to her.  I decorated the envelope and made a tag to go along with it. 

It took me a few minutes, but was truly a labor of love for both ladies.  How about I challenge each of you this week to put together a little bit of random mail love for someone?  Will you do it and then tell me about it?