I think it was on Hee Haw that Roy Clark and Buck Owens would play their banjo medley and one would say they were a “pickin’” and the other would be a “grinnin.’”  I get that same feeling when I go to the Goodwill Outlet.  You never know what might be there, but you will be a pickin’ and when you check out comes the grinnin.’ 

I find a lot of the game pieces I used for my pendants there.  You pay by the pound and it is about 59 cents per pound (if I remember).  So you can get quite a haul for next to nothing.  And when they put out the new totes you get a show, too, as they push, shove and muscle themselves in.  One day I almost saw a prize fight as two men both grabbed a designer handbag and neither was going to let it go! 

001 (1024x701)


Inside a picture frame I saw this vintage fashion plate.  The best part about the outlet is that you can leave the frame (it is extra weight after all) and just take the part you want.  I took the plate only. 


002 (704x1024)




When I got home I realized that this lovely lady was on the back. After I scanned the image I realized the bottom was folded up over her shoes.  I will rescan it before I place it on Flickr. 



So I will be grinnin’ for a while over the umbrella plate.  Aren’t they sassy?