This week’s random act happened at my local post office.  I went to drop off some packages and saw an elderly gentleman staring at the automated postal center machine.  He was standing back the entire time staring at it.  After dropping my packages in the box, I asked him if he needed some help.  He said, “the post office people told me I can pay my box fees on this machine, but I don’t know how.”  I said, “Let’s find out.” 

I then touched the screen and it came alive with options, one of which was to pay your post office box fees.  I then asked him for his box number and we entered it.  Then it asked him to slide his credit card to pay the fees.  He was not so keen on that option! 

He said that the post office lady tried to show him one day, but she went so fast and he couldn’t see what to do.  We went through it again, up to the credit card part as he was not ready to do that.  He then told me how he has all of his bills set up to be automatically deducted from his account so he doesn’t have to worry about them. 

He then showed me an envelope with stamps, but no address.  It held his check for his box rent as he didn’t know the mailing address to send it to.  (Now I understood why he didn’t want to insert the credit card!)  He then thanked me for helping him and went to the window. 

It took all of five minutes, it made me feel great and I helped someone.  A good day indeed!  And at the post office no less!