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I mentioned a long time ago that I like thrift shops!  I like crowded shops, I like dark shops, I like dirty shops, I like to dig in shops, I love it when the owner has no idea what they have and I especially love finding a diamond among the rough!

I was in a shop that I had never been in before.  It was so packed full of stuff that half of the shop she had to move stuff so you could get to it.  I spied this very dirty case hanging on a hook just within my fingertip’s reach. 

It was really dirty and black, but I thought I DSC06926 (1024x688)saw sterling on the side of it.  I asked how much and she said $3.  I took it home and cleaned it up and saw what I thought I saw among the tarnish.

Do you see it, too?  It says Gorham Sterling!  After some research I found that my little key case was from the 1920s and worth between $150 and $225.  At least that is the range of DSC06927 (1024x1004)prices listed on the on-line sites.  Mine shows its age a bit.  The leather has seen better days and a couple of the key holders are missing, but the sterling repousse top is still lovely!

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