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Remember when I told you that the number one rule of thrifting is to OPEN stuff?  Well, when I opened the drawers in this little cabinet this is what I found. 




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Greek alphabet letters along with a table that tells you which is which.

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Some other American alphabet letters, but the very best tray was the very last tray…






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some lovely script letters and the entire alphabet!

The Kingsley Imprinting Machine was manufactured in 1940 and used for printing on ribbons, embossing bibles with names, and imprinting napkins.  It was manufactured in Hollywood, CA. 

I plan to use them to stamp metal tags.  So I bet you are wondering what I paid  for this gem?  It was not marked and when I asked what the price was they asked another fellow at the thrift shop.  He said $19.95!  I said, “Really???”  He said, “Yes.”  I told the man ringing me up to ring them up before he changed his mind!  Then I skipped out the door! 

Score, indeed!  Smile