This week’s random act of kindness was to purchase a $20 Goodwill gift certificate for an elderly shopper.  When I went to my local Goodwill, I saw a very elderly lady shopping whose clothes looked somewhat threadbare.  She also got out of a very old car.

I had the cashier that rang me up take the gift certificate to her for me.  (I like to give anonymously.)  He was to tell her that a fellow shopper asked that he give it to her and nothing more.

I then left the store.  The cashier told me the next day that he thought she might be homeless as she comes in and looks around, but never buys anything.  He said when he gave it to her and she saw what it was she hugged him and said “thank you, thank you, thank you!”  He said she then bought herself a coat and some pants with the gift certificate. 

I felt like a million bucks when he told me!