I have often said that crafty peeps have a 6th sense.  Over the last couple of weeks I have found some random items that I knew that two of my friends would enjoy. 

For a friend in high school, I found a couple of Ziggy items at the thrift shop.  I remembered that in school she LOVED Ziggy, but was not sure she still did.  Well, I bought them and mailed them to her and surprise they arrived on her birthday which I completely forget every year.  For the longest time, I thought her birthday was Groundhog Day and would be a month late every year!  She received them and loves them and was so touched that I remembered she loved Ziggy.  She also thought it was awesome that I got them there for her birthday!  LOL! 

The second package was for a bloggy friend that I have not met, but feel like I know from her blog.  She has a Granddaughter that she loves very much that loves faeries.  I collected a tooth fairy cloth book (which was identical to a pillow I sent a month or so back at a different Goodwill).  To the book I added some Disney Fairy headbands and a Tinkerbell wallet.  I mailed them this week and then reading her blog found out that the week had been a really bad one for both her and the Grandbaby.  The Grandbaby broke her elbow in a fall at a party, her husband got cut with a chainsaw, and one of her beloved doggies passed away. 

She has not mentioned that it arrived, but she has a lot going on, but I am sure that the Grandbaby will love it! 

I felt the urge to buy the items and then the urge to get them in the mail this week to both.  I guess that 6th sense was guiding me again. 

Random acts of kindness!