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I had a nice day off on Monday.  I had the good fortune to spend the day with Vicki.  I collect napkins for her when I hit estate and thrift shops for her to dye and screen print and she lets me pick scraps from her fabric bits!  What a deal! 

I asked her if she would give me a screen printing demo when I came to her house, and she said we can spend DSC06742 (747x1024)the day screen printing.  Off to the Goodwill I go to pick up some items for printing.  That way, if it doesn’t work out, I am not out a fortune or clothes I love!  I bought a shirt for $2.50 (pictured above), a blazer for $6.99, and a denim shirt for $2.50.  Thankfully, they were all half off!

We used some background text on the top one and then printed some flowers over top of it.  I love the happy accident of the two top flowers both coming out a bit more primitive. 

On the denim blazer I printed a bronze cascade of leaves.  Just 3 simple leaves that I made look like they were drifting. 

DSC06745 (617x1024)

This denim shirt is my favorite of all!  We mixed the colors a bit to make a rainbow effect with the colors.  Vicki, thankfully, printed this one.  It came out awesome and is my fav of all!  I love how the pink has a bit of sparkle to it. 

DSC06746 (768x1024)

Here is a close up of one of the pockets so you can see the detail a bit better. 

Thanks, Vicki, for teaching me to screen print, for making my quilted pocket for my bag and sewing it in!  Thanks, too, for your hubs showing me the circle of life. Winking smile  I am sure that in some way the geese had it coming!  Smile

Of what a fun day!