This week’s random act of kindness happened at my craft show this past weekend.  There was the sweetest little girl that came to the table with her Mommy and saw one of my charms with Mary Poppins on it and kept repeating over and over “Mary Poppins, Mommy, Mary Poppins!”  Her Mommy was humoring her while she picked out a present for her sister. 

The little girl was so cute and she was fixated on Mary!  She told me how much she loved the story and the movie, that after I wrapped up her Mommy’s purchase I asked her if she wanted the Mary Poppins charm.  I then told her she could have it!  She went with the biggest smile on her face to pick it up off the table.  She then brought it around to me and I let her pick out a cord to hang it from.  She picked out a bright fuchsia color cord (girl after my own heart as that is one of my favoritest colors, too). 

I then wrapped the charm and put it in her very own bag.  She thanked me very politely and then gave me the biggest smile she could and skipped away.  That made me smile to know that someone else loved something I made that much!