il_570xN_294884454 (480x640)I went to a craft show last week at the local library.  There I met Barbara and her custom handmade and hand dyed creations.  As I am known to do, I make adjustments and additions to purses when I make them. 

I asked Barbara to add some pockets and to make this style in the patchwork.  All of her creations are made from hemp fabric and she custom dyes the fabric to achieve the colors.  As dyes are prone to do you end up with an original as no two colors are exactly the same. 

This one is a bit brighter than the pic shows and there is some quilted detailing in some of the squares.  I borrowed this pic from her Etsy shop

Go and check out her creations!  They are awesome and I cannot tell you how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this bag!