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We were in a former theatre, my table neighbor said when she was a girl it was a skating rink (ice skating).  It had only stage aimed spotlights.  They tried to get us as much as they could to no avail and the one that I had burn out!  Anyway, it didn’t stop my buyers!

Santa was in the building on the stage and I had the entertainment of watching the children pose with Santa.  DSC06703 (703x1024)I also got to see the ones that were scared of Santa.  It was quite entertaining.  There were a LOT of parents with their children.  In front of my table was the let’s see what they think of Santa area.  I saw many a parent pointing while the child cowered behind them.  Then, I saw the ones they tried to force into a Santa pic.  Kids are very determined when they don’t want to do something! 

My favorite was the little boy that was mortified that they made him sit on Santa’s lap.  He kept looking around, I assume to see if any of his buddies were around to see.  It was too funny! 

You can see in the picture background how dark it really was!  It was so cool to be a room with people that “got” and enjoyed what I made!  It was certainly Christmas on Macarthur for me!