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I have mentioned that I am not very trustful of the people that openly panhandle on street corners.  I prefer to do my giving more randomly.

This past weekend, I saw a gentleman pushing an overflowing shopping cart up the street.  He was working hard to get it up the slight grade on the street.  He was quite disheveled and very weary looking. 

I drove past him and went into the drive through of Wendy’s to get some chili for my lunch.  I couldn’t get that image out of my mind so asked for a second large chili along with a $5 gift card.  I drove back to the man pushing the cart and gave him the chili and the gift card and wished him well. 

He smiled and thanked me!  As I was driving away I saw him sit on the curb and eat his chili. 

…Or I how I spent $64 for one item I went to Michael’s for!

DSC06501 (1024x546)

On Sunday, I made a stop at Michael’s for ONE ITEM I was looking for. Never go to a craft store for one item!  Inevitably, I never find that item and leave with much, much more!  Perhaps, I have no willpower, perhaps the lure of the new and the crafty overwhelms me?  Or perhaps, and this is a real stretch, I have a crafty problem!  Truth be told I cannot remember what I initially needed at the craft store.  I do know that I left without the item I went there for and I also know that I spent $64 on this sparkly new eyelash yarn by Martha Stewart!

I am always on the lookout for sparkly yarns to use in my Kumihimo bracelets.  A bit of sparkle is the make or break of the bracelets!  The sparkly yarn in my area is scarcer then hen’s teeth and I need to see and touch it in order to know if it might be what I am looking for so I prefer not to buy on-line unless it is a brand I am familiar with. 

DSC06503 (1024x735)

But it was so pretty and not too expensive, so I bought one of each color except for the black as it didn’t have enough glitter!  I also have some black glittery eyelash in my stash. 

Martha, when you think of me, if (that is) you do, remember that I have a problem and you profited from it! 

P.S. I love this yarn!

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