Kindness is contagious!  Since I have been doing these posts several people have contacted me to let me know they are practicing random acts of kindness, too.  That makes me smile!

Random acts can be nearly free and incredibly easy to do.  You can bake cookies for a neighbor, leave candy on the desk of a co-worker, pick up an item at the store they might enjoy or pay for the order behind you in the drive-thru. 

This week’s random act was to smile and say “how are you today?” to seven random strangers in the grocery store and then leave them with “have a great rest of your week!”  There were a couple that looked at me like I was mad, but there were others that looked like it might have lightened their load a bit. 

I find in our day to day lives we are so busy that we don’t take the time for niceties (I hope I spelled that right).  We are so caught up in our lists and things we need to do when we leave that we forget to hold doors, to say thank you to the cashiers, to thank the drive-thru person for getting the order right, or to hold doors for others.  We are in such a rush we hardly notice the others in our world around us.  I watched a TV show a long time ago and one character said to another that they “had no concept of those orbiting around you!”  OUCH! 

Let’s take some time until next Thursday to acknowledge others in our orbits!  You will feel better that you did!