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About four years ago I finished this tote.  I knit it with over $100 worth of yarn!  The yarn was free as I purchased it with a gift card I received from work for a contest.  I loved the Noro yarns, but couldn’t afford them. so I bought several colors and knit it with two yarns at the same time to create the heathered look to the tote. 

I literally started this tote and then ripped it out four times as I twisted the yarn when I connected it at the very first row (FOUR TIMES!).  The first time, I was about 2/3rd into it when I asked a friend that knits more than I to find out I had to tear it out and start again.  The second, third and fourth times, I caught it a bit sooner each time. 

Finally, I finished it and then started the felting process.  I washed it and felted it about three times and it ended up the size of a large travel tote.  It was about three times the width and about another 1/2 on the length.  I was so disappointed as I could only use it as a travel tote.  I put it in my closet and forgot about it. 

At a craft show a few years back, I met a lady that knitted and felted a lot.  She told me that sometimes the yarn needs to rest.  She encouraged me to try it again after it had rested.  I didn’t.  A couple of years went by and I read on this blog about a bag she made that didn’t felt well.  I encourage her to try felting it again per my yarn lady’s instructions.  Not sure how her turned out.

I was dog sitting at my little brother’s this past weekend and decided to try it again since I had a lot of time.  I washed it and it felted to the exact size I wanted it.  The felt is to thick and lovely and I am thrilled!

So finally after four years, I have my felted tote!  Woohoo!  I guess all good things are worth waiting for!