…Or I how I spent $64 for one item I went to Michael’s for!

DSC06501 (1024x546)

On Sunday, I made a stop at Michael’s for ONE ITEM I was looking for. Never go to a craft store for one item!  Inevitably, I never find that item and leave with much, much more!  Perhaps, I have no willpower, perhaps the lure of the new and the crafty overwhelms me?  Or perhaps, and this is a real stretch, I have a crafty problem!  Truth be told I cannot remember what I initially needed at the craft store.  I do know that I left without the item I went there for and I also know that I spent $64 on this sparkly new eyelash yarn by Martha Stewart!

I am always on the lookout for sparkly yarns to use in my Kumihimo bracelets.  A bit of sparkle is the make or break of the bracelets!  The sparkly yarn in my area is scarcer then hen’s teeth and I need to see and touch it in order to know if it might be what I am looking for so I prefer not to buy on-line unless it is a brand I am familiar with. 

DSC06503 (1024x735)

But it was so pretty and not too expensive, so I bought one of each color except for the black as it didn’t have enough glitter!  I also have some black glittery eyelash in my stash. 

Martha, when you think of me, if (that is) you do, remember that I have a problem and you profited from it! 

P.S. I love this yarn!