DSC06443 (1024x687)

I played around with my Rummikub tiles, Mod Podge and rubber stamps.  Made some house tiles as well as some bike tiles (girl bike tiles as a gentleman pointed out to me).  Then he proceeded to go into greeeeeeaaaattttt… detail about the difference.  I stood there with my very best I kind of care face on while secretly wishing he would leave!

DSC06444 (1024x564)

I also stamped some ravens and owls.  I really loved the ravens and kept one for myself.  I thought they were very Poe! 

I met an interesting person at the festival.  He walked up to me and introduced himself as Nutty Buddy.  The band was playing kind of loud so I missed a lot of what he said, but my creep meter was in overdrive.  He came back a few minutes later and asked to take my pic with his camera on his phone.  What could I say as he snapped it before I replied!  He left again and came back a few minutes later to offer me a box of Cheetos.  I declined and he commented that he couldn’t find anyone that wanted the “da** things”!  Then a friend asked me what his last name was.  I told her I was not listening that closely.  She said that she thought it was a man that was pretty infamous in the area and had been banned from several places for less than gentlemanly DSC06445 (1024x551)behavior.  I said “great, my pic is on his cell!”  I watch the local news with one eye closed now waiting for my pic from his cell to be on there!

I made some more neighborhood charms.  I also made one pendant with paper only as I thought it was so pretty!

DSC06446 (1024x707)

And I made some more keys.  They got a lot of action, but only two people purchased one.  Guess like me when I saw the $70 one they were trying to figure out how I made them!  LOL!

I had a really great day and it was a profitable one, too!