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It was a lovely fall day for the festival!  The morning started off crisp, but as the day moved on the sun came out and it was glorious to be out.  There was a bit of a breeze and just the right hint of fall. 

The festival started at noon and the first hour or two was slow!  I was right across the street from the kiddies play area and the musical entertainment.  I got a show and some musical accompaniment, too!

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The table was packed with pretties for the crowd I was awaiting.  It was fun to meet some like minded crafty peeps!  To talk to some shop owners, a couple of ladies planning their own Christmas market at their church.  It was a lot of fun! 

I had to chuckle at some of the people that scooted by looking until they realized I had “handmade” goods then turning the other way.  I realized I do DSC06451 (1024x789)the same thing at craft shows!  I peek and if it is not something I like I scoot right by!  To a crafter that smarts!  Then again, the people that did stop made up for it!

I also met a lovely younger crafter that is a repeat customer!  She purchased form a shop I consigned at and came by to purchase a few more.  She asked the lady that owned the shop if I bartered, I said sure.  That is the best part of DSC06452 (1024x638)crafting!  She came by and bought a couple of pieces from me.  I then returned the favor by buying one of her stained glass leaves.  It looks so pretty in my window with the sun shining behind it! 

All in all the proceeds were not too bad and I made some good connections for some future events! 

To everyone that stopped by thanks!