I was talking to the nurse that works for my company the other day and we got on the subject of karma.  I mentioned to her that I was a firm believer in “what goes around comes around.”  I also said, glibly, that I was trying to get some extra credit points with the “man upstairs”! 

She reminded me that it was not necessary to build up credit with God.  Nonetheless, I am going to hedge my bets just in case!

I realized the last several days that I have been a bit grumpy.  It seems like my soul is a bit miffed and my spirit edgy.  I started to realize that with my back issues and all the bills for the doctors, the lack of my crappy insurance to pay the bills, and the pain I was in, was stealing my joy.  I decided that my attitude stinks and to adjust it by being more thankful.  Every day I remind myself of the little victories that I have in my life.  That I no longer have pain in my leg or back from my injury, that I am once again able to make things for long periods of time, and that my creative spirit has returned. 

So this week’s random act of kindness is to myself.  I gave myself permission to find the beauty in life (in mine specifically).  I also signed up for a class this month at my local quilt shop.  There is nothing like getting together with like minded ladies and creating!  I also signed up for 2 craft shows within two weeks of one another which will force me to create! 

Every now and then it is good to take care of yourself and show yourself a bit of kindness!

You can read here about another local lady that is spreading kindness.  She was featured in the October O Magazine!