This week’s random act was a surprise for my favorite Goodwill cashier.  She is a really sweet kid and we struck up a conversation over the crafting supplies I was buying one day and I learned she is a crafty girl, too.

She mentioned, as I was buying yarn for my Kumihimo braider, that she wove friendship bracelets and shared them with friends.  Next time I was in I brought my bracelet and she showed me hers.  She then mentioned that she wanted to go to a pottery place to make pottery.  I mentioned some that I had seen and next time I saw her she told me about the pottery she made. 

I decided to make her a Kumihimo bracelet.  I took note of her colors when I was in the store.  I asked the manager if it was okay before I gave it to her.  Didn’t want to get her in trouble or make them think I was trying to get a special favor. 

It feels good to do little kindnesses for others.  It makes my week better and it makes the recipient smile, too!