This weeks’ random act of kindness involved a senior who appeared lost at a local shopping mall.  I work in an industry that takes care of seniors and I have learned a bit of the symptoms to show a bit of confusion or dementia.

I saw an older lady wandering up and down the aisles in the parking lot looking for her car.  Have we not all been there?  She appeared to be getting quite distressed and I asked if I could assist.  She said she had lost her car.  I asked her what kind of car it was and she couldn’t recall.  I then saw a Toyota emblem on her key ring and asked if it might be a Toyota.  It was a Toyota, but she didn’t remember what kind of Toyota it was. 

I asked her to see her key ring and noticed an alarm on the key ring.  I am quite familiar with the alarm as I am always setting it off on my car when my hand is full and I am trying to get in the front door of my home.  I pushed the button and we heard that tell tale honking.  We walked toward the honking and there was her car.  It was about 8-10 rows away from us. 

She thanked me for helping her and then we went our separate ways.  I made sure she got in the car, got buckled and then watched her drive off.