This week’s random act of kindness involves a child and a toy he wanted in a coin machine.  As I was leaving a local store there was a little child asking his Mother for a quarter to get a prize.  I remembered the times I asked for change to get a prize and the times that my parents had no change to give me.  Normally, this would throw me into a pouting fit.

I noticed that the little boy didn’t act up at all to the announcement that Mom had no change to give him.  He said politely, “Maybe another time, Mommy.”  That was the sweetest thing I had ever seen.  No ugliness, no unpleasantness, just sweetness and the hope that next time there would be change. 

I had no idea of their circumstance, but dug into my wallet and fished out two quarters and asked him Mom if I could give them to him to get a prize.  I gave them to the little boy and he thanked me politely and then gave me the biggest smile as he ran to the prize machine.  I wished the Mom well on my way out and she told me that it was getting better.  She had been out of work, but had an interview and felt that it went well.  I told her I felt her luck was turning around and that I would think of her over the next week or two and hope that she got the good news and a job offer. 

I left feeling encouraged and know that I encouraged her.  The little boy was thrilled to get his prize.  I got the biggest prize of all!