DSC06294 (1024x758)Sunday morning, the morning after Irene pummeled us all night long with wind gusts of 70 mph and sustained winds of 40 mph, it always amazes me how lovely the next day dawns.  This is the second hurricane I have been through at this home.  Isabel was the first.  

I am not on the water!  I am about 1.5-2 hours from the shore.  Quite a bit inland, but nonetheless those %$#@*&% find my tiny town.  The town I live in is full of very tall oak trees.  They take a lot of wind, but every now and then some come down. 

I lost power on Saturday afternoon about 3 p.m. and it was just restored on Tuesday night at 8:10 p.m.  Lots of dark nights and cold showers! 

These are some shots from my neighborhood as I went out walking around.  The first pic is my backyard.  Lots of limbs, leaves, and debris. 

DSC06295 (1024x747)

Here is the culprit for my power loss.  It is about 2 blocks up and there is a tree on top of the power lines.  During Isabel the same thing happened and it took a week to get our power back.  We had to wait for someone to cut up the tree before they worked on the lines. 

Apparently, the home owner remembered this, as the next day the tree was gone.  Despite the warnings to leave it alone and let the power pros handle it, Bubba and no doubt some buddies handled it!  The next day as I drove by to work it was gone and the only remnant was the dangling wires! 

Not that I am encouraging taking one’s life into their own hands, but way to go Bubba!  You saved us a few days of darkness!

DSC06296 (1024x737)

This much larger tree was around the corner from my culprit.  Thankfully, it fell away from the power lines, but it did block the street.  If you look closely to the left near the black mailbox, they have cut out a tunnel in the branches and leaves large enough to get a car through it.  Once again, let’s hear it for ingenuity!  Brains take a backseat to getting out of the neighborhood.  You can see the trunk of the tree.  It is HUGE!  If it had shifted, it would be a sad tale!  During Isabel, a woman and her daughter were going to a local mall and a tree came down on top of their car.  It killed them instantly!  I have a healthy respect for trees after seeing that! 

I think that there are special angels that God dispatches for the risk takers.  The cutting down the tree on the power lines or driving through the tree tunnel peeps.  Thank God that the angels don’t charge by the hour! 

One other sight I saw, but couldn’t get a picture of as I was driving down the highway at 60 mph passed it, was the billboard with it three support beams bent at right angles and the billboard was now parallel to the ground.  These were solid steel girders, like you see in big building framework.  That wind was fierce! 

Now as life continues to get back to normal, my thoughts are with 30% of the area’s population that is still without power.  Needless to say we no longer like the name Irene.  So sorry if that happens to be your name!