I am sure, by now, you have all heard about a little weather event that hit us called Hurricane Irene.  As I was sitting around most nights by candlelight and taking cold showers, as well as, emptying the contents of my freezer and refrigerator, I wondered aloud where was MY random act of kindness!  It was hard to stay positive, but as I heard the stories of flooding, houses leveled, tourist season revenues lost, I began to count my blessings. 

On Sunday, the morning after the hurricane, I went to my local bookstore to get a new book light as the bulb in my old one had died.  There were a few people in line to get coffee as they had no power.  I asked the cashier to keep $5 of my change and to use it to buy coffee for someone who’s check was about that amount.  I also asked her to not let them know it was me as I was going to sit there and drink my hot tea! 

An old fellow wandered in.  He looked a bit disheveled and was telling her about the tree that hit his house, evacuating to a shelter in the middle of the storm, and then losing power at the shelter.  He had had a lot worse time than I.  She used my $5 to buy him coffee and then told him that he had enough for a cookie, too.  I heard him exclaim, that this was the best thing that had happened to him this year!

Wow, who would have thought a coffee and cookie could mean so much!  I can tell you it meant the world to me!