DSC06292 (1024x752) and she makes a request, you try your hardest to do it. 

Recently, my niece called to ask me to make her a hair bow.  She sends me a picture.  Cheetah ribbon, no sweat!  Silver ribbon, no prob!  Black ribbon, a cinch.  Then you hit every fabric and craft store in your town.  That is 15 in all.  15! 

You find the silver ribbon, you locate an acceptable substitute for the cheetah ribbon and then go on the hunt for the perfect sparkly and wide enough black ribbon.  Then you find some ribbons that will be about right and hope for the best once you put it together. 

You put a pic on her facebook page and she tells you how much she likes it.  Then you hold your breath until she sees it in person.  She does and then tells you how much she likes it.  You can breathe now.  Mission accomplished!  Thank goodness no small countries were hurt in the process.  LOL!