I hope you don’t think that while I was laid up with my back issues that my kindness took a vacay?  Truth is, I was still practicing random acts of kindness.  And since I was really hurting and ticked off that I felt so crummy, it was just the necessary ingredient for keeping my good karma going.  I am a firm believer in what goes around comes around and if you do bad on a regular basis, you better watch out!  So I try to be good and kind to others.  Some people make it really, really hard!  But I try.  Every. stinkin’. time!

This week’s random act is an easy one which you can practice every time you visit the Golden arches (McDonald’s, that is).  There is a box at the window for the Ronald McDonald House.  Instead of taking your change let them drop it in the box for you.  After all, change DOES make a difference