The key to a good blogger is regular posting. 

The key to a good crafter is regular, well, crafting.

The key to a good blog post is interaction.

The key to slackerdom is not posting regularly.

The key to getting healthy in the back is a lot of PT and some meds every now and then.

The key to keeping it in shape is knowing its limitations and how to mend it from time to time. 

DSC06183 (1024x871)The key to mending it is knowing when it has told you ENOUGH! 

The key to keeping it in shape is keeping it moving. 

So, while I get my legs back under me, I will leave you with some new keys I made for a local shop, ReFinery.  I delivered them Saturday.  I was so glad to hear that Linda is doing well.  She had the same back issue as I, but she is just about healed now.  Good for her.  A good month for backs indeed!