DSC06127 (1024x963)


Recently, I visited a local thrift shop (nothing new in my life, right?).  while I was there I spied this really cool brooch with a dark purple glittery background, a star and some seed beads in the glaze for texture.  I thought it was cool, but a bit blah for a brooch. 

I thought about it a bit and then decided it was better suited for a pendant.  I removed the pin back and covered the back with a bit of scrapbook paper that I adhered and then sealed with some Mod Podge. then I punched a hole for the jump ring and added an eyelet. 

I had an old necklace that I was no longer happy with so I took it apart and then used cord to put it back together.  Between each bead I knotted it.  I added a DSC06126 (717x1024)glass vintage button to close it. 

I love how it ended up and am so glad that I bought the brooch without a plan for it.  It is much better in its new home. 

How about you?  What have you reinvented lately?