DSC06060 (1024x810) Over the weekend I went to an antique shop in Westover Hills.  To say the gentleman that ran it is one of the antiquey thrifty characters you meet along the way is an understatement!  I asked the man if he had any old keys.  OMG, did this man have keys! He pulled out drawers of keys, boxes of keys, cans of keys, and other containers I couldn’t recognize of keys. 

He explained to me what each of the keys were for, what country they were from, the age of the key, and on and on and on and …  He also was a “close talker.”  If you are a fan of Seinfeld you know that this means.  He gets way too far up into my personal space.  He was literally talking to me within about 6-8” of MY FACE!  I, if you know me, am all about personal space and boundaries and this man was encroaching all over mine!  He was creeping me out a bit, too. 

DSC06061 (1024x834)

He kept talking…and talking…and talking… and talking.  I am a person that looks at the person who is talking to me and it was difficult to look at the mounds of keys he had drug out for me.  He finally wandered off to help a gentleman picking up a chair he repaired and I had a window to do some digging and checking out. 

I found about 30 keys I liked.  He, when he was sorting them made them into three piles.  I nicknamed the piles…crap….kinda expensive….and is he smoking crack????  The crap pile had about 12 keys and he wanted $10 for that pile.  The kind of expensive pile had about 8 keys and he wanted $20 for that pile.  The smoking crack pile, he wanted $30 for about 4 keys. 

In the end, I purchased the $10 pile and left.  He then told me as I was trying to pry DSC06062 (1024x756)myself away (I also won’t walk away rudely from someone that is talking to me unless they are hateful and then I feel it is my right to walk away) he tells me that he has literally thousands more keys that he could show me!  I let him know I was in that area every so often and would stop next time I was by. 

DSC06063 (1024x607) 







 DSC06064 (1024x874)DSC06065 (1024x1002)

Before that visit I made some more keys.  The last pic is for a co-worker at work that is a fan.  The others are for this shop.  I am enjoying making the keys.  I have yet to make one for me.  Funny, huh?  You get so busy making for others that you forget about yourself.  Perhaps, I am waiting for the key that “speaks to me!”  As yet, none have!