It occurred to me today that I didn’t share with you the ATCs I received from Kate’s Birthday ATC swap for my birthday.  So sit back and enjoy!

DSC05988 (1024x709)

This ATC was created by Tract Pereira from the UK.






 DSC05973 (768x1024)

This lovely was created by Jeann Clarke of Australia.









DSC05974 (1024x709)

This paper beauty was created by Linda Schiffer.







 DSC05975 (878x1024)

This ATC was created by a person that didn’t sign it and I (duh) tossed the envelope before I realized it.








DSC05976 (774x1024)


This sparkly on was created by Sheila. 








 DSC05977 (781x1024)

This lovely contrast in white was created by Libertybelle from the UK.









DSC05978 (828x1024) 

This flowery pretty was made by Joy Vale of Australia.









DSC05980 (1024x706)


Kate North created this lovely paper ATC. 






 DSC05979 (826x1024)

This lovely collage of a card was created by Maria Clara from Spain.









DSC05981 (1024x917) 

This texturiffic one was made by Pauline Charlesworth.








DSC05983 (826x1024)


This party of a card was created by Marina from Spain.








DSC05985 (854x1024)  This house card was made by Plum.    










DSC05984 (821x1024)

This confection of a card was made by Montse Bolibar from Spain.









DSC05987 (842x1024)

The green card was made for me by Mariet Maas of the Netherlands.  It lost a couple of beads in the mail.









DSC05986 (831x1024)

This graphic card was created by Simone De Haan of the Netherlands.









DSC05982 (819x1024)

This one kind of reminds me of when the party is over!  It was created by Susana Gallego. 









Now who has the better presents this year?  ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!