DSC05964 (769x1024)Man, it has been a long time, huh?  Let me introduce myself.  I am Cindy is Crafty…and I make things, too! Not so much since November of 2010 when my back odyssey began caused by the herniated a disc in my back.  Since then, I have been to twice weekly physical therapy, taken mountains of anti-inflammatory pills, had two prednisone Z-packs, eaten lots more dairy (to help the anti-inflammatory go down), been within a month or two of being done with physical therapy, and then…

One of the exercises in PT I was doing wrong.  I mentioned to the tech that I was “feeling it” in my lower back.  The precise spot exactly where I injured my back.  She replied, “that it what you should feel it is to strengthen you lower back.”  Two weeks of this exercise and I was flat on my back again.  Not quite at the starting over part, but pretty close.  I was so ticked and frustrated. 

Back to PT I found that the tech was no longer there and my PT told me that the exercise was for my core (read tummy area), not my lower back.  A couple of weeks later after much protesting, we reintroduced that exercise the Praying Mantis.  Now my tummy is hurting, but that is GOOD pain (I keep telling myself)!  I am getting back to okay again, but it is going to take some time.  It is hard to create when you can only stand to do so.  I sit all day at my job so when I get home I use that time to walk, work on my home PT exercises, and to lie down in my special position with my torso propped on pillows to bow my back a bit and help with pushing the hernia back in.  So that is my life lately. 

DSC05967 (1024x930)But I do…make things, too!

The flickr Altered Dominos and Other Game Pieces Group held a swap.  I was the organizer as I am one of the group’s moderators.  The challenge was Rebirth.  I thought that was appropriate since it was spring and I was in a rebirth myself.  Rebirth always takes me to butterflies.  I love that they start out as wooly worms, climb into a cocoon and then bing. bang. boom. they become butterflies.  They get wings and they can fly.  I decided to make a butterfly domino doll.  I also challenged myself to use recycled materials in its creation to give the trash a rebirth, too. 

The domino is from the thrift store, the bottle cap holding her face I found smashed in my driveway, the wings are made from a recycled soda can (A&W Root beer, one of my favs!).

DSC05965 (940x1024) I painted the bottle cap and domino blue.  To the domino I added some glitter paint on top to give her a bit of a sparkle.  The bottle cap I left with only the color.  I twisted a bit of wire for the antennae.  I stamped the wings using ink made for metal then carefully cut them out.  The wings were a bit too shiny for her initially, so I put sewing pattern tissue on top of the front and back.  The face image is from the Collage Images group, and I added a few gems to the wings for a bit of sparkle.  On the back of the bottle cap I glued a vintage button to cover the back of the antennae and the toothpick I glued it to.  

The only parts of my butterfly that are not recycled are her antennae, the gems on her wings and the paint I used.  I think she meets the criteria for rebirth!  How about you? 

Now, let’s work on my rebirth, shall we?